Kenneth Lassen Obituary

Junior Burger
2010/12/27 09:12:27
Not sure if any of you saw this; but Ken Lassen - 3rd proprietor or Louis' Lunch in New Haven passed away last week.  Obit here:

Junior Burger
Re:Kenneth Lassen Obituary 2010/12/27 09:13:16
Filet Mignon
Re:Kenneth Lassen Obituary 2010/12/27 09:18:40
I saw it on another thread.
Perhaps, because you are a new poster -- albeit, sincere, constructive, and willing to contribute -- your post didn't come up.
I beleive it is an automatic "feature" of this website to foil spammers, while discouraging new, contributing members of our community.
(I say this respectfully and as an observation, perhaps this is, in part, why there seems to be less new blood these days.  While us old-timers keep killing each other with the same ol', same ol'.)
Welcome and good luck.