What a year for the Contingent!

Filet Mignon
2010/12/29 13:34:01
With all the year end 'best of' posts, I started thinking of all the times The Contingent assembled to break bread together this year.  Looking through the Eat and Greets forum I found these threads:
The Contingent's Late Winter/Early Spring 2010 Outing- Tell Your Friends!
Tonight (3/21/10) - Old Towne Serbian Gourmet House
The Contingent will invade MadCity on May 2, 2010!
Smoke Day! Smoke Day! Smoke Day!
A roadfood tour of northwest Indiana, July 2010
Fred's in Burlington, WI
Brat Challenge 2010
The Contingent Could Have A Private Party At Burt's Place!
The PieDiva/JRPfeff Contingent Farewell Tour
Contingent Feastivus 2010
And this one too, in Miscellaneous - Food Related.
Roadhouse Bar-B-Que Sauce Summer Tour, 2010
That is just fantastic!  I never would have guessed that many Eat & Greets. 
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Filet Mignon
Re:What a year for the Contingent! 2011/01/02 11:45:21
Hats off to the Contingent!  Thanks for bringing us along with you on your exploits!
Re:What a year for the Contingent! 2011/01/02 11:57:09
Nancy, if you visit the Cities this summer you should let us know so we can see if we can put something together.  The Contingent is always happy to grant temporary memberships to visitors!
I agree that it was an excellent year, although I/we were only able to be part of a few gatherings due to schedules, transportation issues, and weather.  Hopefully 2011 will be better.
Hey...how come nobody ever posted any photos from the Fred's trip???  Let's get on the ball here, people!!
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