Miami Food Trucks [1/28/2012 Update]

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Filet Mignon
Mangia Mia 2012/01/28 11:05:34
I spotted a food truck downtown which I'd yet to try:

I had their sandwich called the Smasher.

This is two "smashed" meatballs on garlic toast with a sprinkle of parmesan.  It was really good - I love the meatballs.  I'm going to track it down again and try some of the other items. 
Italian Mac & Cheese Balls

The full menu is on the web site:
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Re:Mangia Mia 2012/01/31 12:56:59
Nice pics and reporting Don...  Been awhile since I check out this thread and needless to say I am WOW'd...
Re:Mangia Mia 2012/01/31 13:10:47
Those mac and cheese balls look amazing!
Filet Mignon
Re:Mangia Mia 2012/01/31 14:16:58
Don,  Thanks so much for posting the website for the meatball truck.  I looked down through the menu and saw  Arancini and thought  "Wow, I have not made any in years  and that will be perfect for dinner tonight with my Italian beef".  They are now chilling in the refrigerator, waiting  to be cooked.  The kids are going to love dipping them into marinara sauce.  They probably won't even want the Italian beef!
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Filet Mignon
Re:Mangia Mia 2012/01/31 14:37:48
Don, thanks for seeking out these trucks and showing the best of the best. You shine a light on the undiscovered foods that most people don't get  a chance to try. I think after reading your posts, their opinion of street food will have a much better perspective..............Thanks .........pnwc
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