Miami Food Trucks [1/28/2012 Update]

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Filet Mignon
2010/12/29 13:56:07
In the past year there has been an explosion of the number of "gourmet" food trucks in South Florida, following the trend in Los Angeles and New York City.  (I am including trucks, trailers and at least one little three-wheeled vehicle, and one gourmet cart)    Most of these are in different places at different times and dates.  One finds them by means of Twitter or Facebook or going to
I posted an informal review of one of the first of them, Latin Burger and Taco.

Here's the review thread:

Latin House Grill is owned and operated by Michell "Chef M" Sanchez and his family.  The regular menu consists of what I think of as "latin-american fusion" fare based on filled tortillas in various forms, burgers and various sides, specialty items and desserts.  There are three house-specialty sauces used on many of the items.  They are mango-habanero, ghost pepper (hot!) and avocado-lime, in addition to the more common latin "crema" sauce.

Chef M wearing a tee shirt:

Latin House Grill Menu:

I have had one of the wild, custom-made burgers, a slider, a quesadilla and various tacos.  I recommend all of them!
Here is a ChimiBurrito being prepared:
Two Cheeses on top of Carne Asada "Vacio" style

Skilled Hands Folding the Tortilla

Finished ChimiBurrito

I had a Mad Love Burger, and watched a couple being prepared:
Pico de Gallo Placed on top of Grilled Cheeseburger with Grilled Onions

I believe that one had crema and ghost pepper sauces.

Finished Mad Love Burger

Mad Love Burger with Curly Fries Pittsburgh-Style!

Latin House Grill will prepare your hamburger grilled to your liking, unlike some places.  Here is one that was ordered extra-rare:
Extra-Rare Mad Love Burger:

This is a grilled ribeye taco with pico de gallo, mango-habanero sauce, crema and avocado sauce:
Ribye Taco

The menu is more limited at lunchtimes.  Some days there are various combination box specials.  The day that I had one, the special was a slider, a quesadilla, a chicken taco, a beef taco, "wheelies" and a soda for $10.
The slider that day had melted, smoked cheddar cheese, bacon and mango-habanero sauce on a mini-brioche bun.  It came well-done (as is often the case with mini burgers or sliders).  The quesadilla had, I believe, seasoned grilled ribye steak with swiss, mozzarella and provolone cheeses.  It was very good.  One taco was filled with carne asada (marinated and grilled skirt steak), and the other had cilantro and onion marinated and grilled chicken.  I went with the Chef M's choices of sauces, and pico de gallo salsa was served on the side (not shown in the photo).  The "Wheelies" are a crunchy upgrade from the more common potato chip served elsewhere. I am not sure what they are made from, other than that Chef M jokingly referred to them as "vegetarian chicharrones" (cracklings).  They were quite tasty.
$10 Combo Lunch Special of the Day

I enjoyed everything I had on a couple of visits to Latin House Grill, and plan to try more menu items in the future.

In Little Havana there is a small, stand-up-dining-only, family-run seafood restaurant called La Cameronera.  It is famous for their fried shrimp, fish sandwiches and other specialties, and was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  One of the restaurant family members, David Garcia, has created a food truck called the Fish Box, cooking up several of the restaurant's specialties around town.
Fish Box

David Garcia serving in the truck:

These are the house-specialty fried shrimp, along with house-made cocktail and tartar sauces:

These were very good.  They were perfectly cooked, with a crispy coating coating tender, briny shrimp.  The shrimp are dipped in a house-specialty "red" marinade before frying, as is the lobster when available.

I also had a Miami Cuban specialty, the "minuta" fish sandwich.  These are various catch-of-the-day small fish (I believe usually snapper of some sort), boned and butterflied leaving the tail on, breaded and deep-fried and served on a cuban bread roll.  The minuta gets a "yellow" dip, different from the one used for the shrimp.

The default serving of the Minuta at the Fish Box is with tartar sauce, ketchup and chopped onions.  The tartar sauce is a bit more acidic (tart) than the average.  They will, of course, serve with any combination of the sauces and onions that you request.  I went with the trio, as I wanted to try it "authentic-style."
Open Minuta

I wasn't expecting originally expecting the onions and two sauces, but the sandwich was good.  As was expected, since the family has their own fishing boats, the fish tasted as fresh as can be, and was perfectly fried.

On another occasion I had an off-menu item, a lobster nugget sandwich.
Lobster Nuggets and Tostones

The deep-fried lobster nuggets were served on a cuban bread roll with a house-made "pink" sauce, which is the house tartar sauce with something red and spicy added (my guess is sriracha sauce).  I bought the off-menu tostones on the side.  Tostones are chunks of green plantains that are fried, smashed and then fried again.  The result is crispy on the outside, and creamy on the inside.  These were the best I have ever had!  The lobster was tender and fresh-tasting.  I feel that the pink sauce is too assertive for the mild lobster, mainly because of the acidity of the tartar-sauce base, but I did enjoy the sandwich, and recommend it if it is available.
Just yesterday, I had a chance to taste the Catch-of-the-Day Fish Sandwich, which was what we call "dolphin" down here, but which the rest of the country now knows by the hawaiian name, mahi-mahi.  This was a nice piece of a filet, and was very fresh-tasting.  If you like dolphin, you'll love it.  It is served on a cuban-bread roll, and like the minuta, the condiments are tartar sauce,  ketchup and raw chopped onions.  I'd like to try this with the pink sauce some time.
Catch-of-the-day Fish Sandwich

The same dolphin was used for these fish fingers, which are made with the plain breading (very light).  They were fresh and tender, too.
Fish Fingers

I got a chance to finally try something I've read about, "bollitos" (bollos in Key West).  They are black-eyed pea fritters.  They are crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside.  I found them to be a bit bland by themselves, but good dipped in cocktail sauce, ketchup or the "pink sauce".  Think of them as cuban hushpuppies.


I've caught up twice with the Ms. Cheezious truck, which is all things grilled cheese.

It is the creation of Brian Mullins, shown here handling a customer at the "office."
Brian Mullins


We've had five of the sandwiches.  Four were the named combinations from the menu.
The Italian

This is "provolone, red and yellow tomato and cream cheese on country white bread" on the menu, but I think I had basil in mine, which was quite good.  I was a little surprised at cream cheese in it when I read the menu, but it added a creaminess that worked well.

Grilled Harvest

"Spiced apples and havarti cheese on multi-grain bread."  I substituted white bread.  This was great.  It could be a dessert, and would probably work with the shaved ham on the menu, also.

Crabby Cheese Melt

Crab salad with sharp cheddar; I substituted the multi-grain bread.  The fresh crab salad was great, and went well with the cheese.

Goat Cheese & Prosciutto

"Goat cheese, prosciutto, tomato and arugula on marble rye bread."  The salty-creamy-tart cheese went well with the prosciutto, and the arugula added a bitter-greens counterpoint.

Swiss & Gruyere on Country White Bread

This was my own creation, close to a conventional diner grilled cheese sandwich.  The two cheeses were a good combination, and it was perfectly grilled.

Sweet Potato Fries

The only side I got was the sweet potato fries.  They are frozen sweet potato fries, but were crispy and good.
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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2010/12/29 14:40:41
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2010/12/29 14:45:29
What a great idea...wish he was around here!
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2010/12/29 14:54:06
Hey Don.  Superb work.
I'll follow you around Miami any time.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2010/12/30 09:51:18
Beautiful photos and report MD!  The crabby cheese melt is the one I will be dreaming about all day!
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2010/12/30 11:27:45
Great work, Don.
Food trucks are everywhere around the Los Angeles area.  I've yet to stop at one, but somewhere I read that a lobster roll truck will be riding the streets of LA.
  I'll stop for that one and even make an illegal U-Turn if I see it.  I don't think that's the right way to introduce myself to a lobster roll but it may be better than nothing. 
There are so many trucks around here that now some landlords of empty land are letting (leasing???) the lots so that some of the trucks have static locations.
Reminds me of Animal House in a weird way.
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Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2010/12/30 11:37:55
Don, Great job on the pictures, the food looks great.
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2010/12/30 14:01:05
Great review and pic Don.  I happened to have caugth the Burger Beasts review of Latin Burger before my last trip but they were on the othe rside of town the day I was in Miami.   Will look for Fishbox next time through too.
If you're driving up to FLL, there's a great Q truck off west Sunrise.  Deep South BBQ .  The address is still 3107 W Sunrise Blvd, but you hang a right on NW 31st Ave at the gas station and head up about a block and a half.  The truck is kinda hidden, parke din a empty lot on your left. Look for a Garlic Crab walk board (they're branching into conch and crab).  Huge plate of ribs. Excellent mac ncheese. And an extra  large drink cup full of homemade banana pudding. Easy on the wallet. 
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/01 04:21:09
Miami Don - 
Great review!   Makes me hungry!    We went to several food trucks in Miami a few weeks ago.  We ate at a few at the "food truck court" at 65th and Bird Rd. 
So far, we have tried Latin Burger & Taco, CheeseMe (gourmet grilled cheese), Nacho Mama's Mexican, Miso Hungry (Far East Asian - Orient), and Dolci Peccati Gelato. 
All were very good except Latin Burger and Taco.  Our mistake with Latin burger and Taco was that we ordered tacos, and later found out that the latin burgers (fritas) are really the thing to get there.   We'll give Latin Burger & Taco truck another try, and order latin burgers (fritas) next time.  
When we got the tacos, we got the combo of the 3 different tacos.   We didn't like the tacos because they were mostly filled with what I would call "goop".    There was almost no solid pieces of pork/chicken, etc. in them.    It was mostly mushy guacamole, with a minor sprinkling of finely shredded meat.  Latin Burger and Taco seems to really like to put lots of guacamole on every kind of taco.   They look much better in the photos in your previous review.  Maybe we got a different cook that day?   
Have you been to the Biscayne Triangle and Truck Round-Up (BTTR) at  Biscyne and 109th?  (Details on Burgerbeast's website).     That truck gathering is supposed to be huge.  We'll be back in Miami in late January, and might head there.            
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Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/01 17:56:12
Dayum son!  To quote Hank Hill, sister, get me my keys.  Those are some incredible pictures.  Now I really want a fish sandwich with the tail sticking out. :)
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/01 22:19:38
Thanks for this recap, Don!  Great pics, menus and narrative.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/02 09:08:07
Wow, those trucks don't look anything like the ones I used to go to in Philly! 
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/02 11:17:10
Thanks for the report Don.
It's like getting a chef prepared, gourmet meal at a fraction of the B & M cost.  Nothing even close to these "kitchens on wheels" in my area, but my daughter found an excellent taco truck in Arlington.  It's on my list for my next visit.
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/04 15:48:30
To add to this report, my site (Mobile Cuisine Magazine) ran a poll nationwide to get our readers to vote on what they considered to be the Punniest Food Truck Name. After 17k votes in less than a month, another Miami Food Truck won the reader's poll. Miso Hungry edged out Ms Cheezious by a couple thousand votes, but these two trucks out of Miami were far and away the largest vote getters.
Junior Burger
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/04 20:37:37
Not sure where the concept of "Food Trucks" originated, but many a Cornell student has enjoyed a late night feast from Johnny's Hot Truck...a fixture for over 50 years on Cornell's west campus.  Bob Petrillose, the long-time propietor, passed away a few years ago, but the tradition lives on. 

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Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/04 22:59:57
All of that looked great, I want a Mad Love burger. Thanks for sharing.
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/05 10:59:21
Thanks for the kind words, all.
For those of you who may be in South Florida and want to track down some gourmet food trucks, there is another way for those who don't do Twitter/Facebook.  The food blogger Burger Beast, at makes an effort to list the locations for a majority of the trucks daily.  They can change their minds, break down, etc, but the site is fairly reliable.
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/05 13:41:02
What a great report!  About 35 years ago we had a foodtruck come by our business around noon and everyone loved it!  So glad to have them back and with updated cuisine. I wanted to address the little wheel question:
Duros or also known as duritos, durros, pasta para durito

Duros are a Latino snack made of wheat flour and look a bit like a very hard pasta. The traditional shape is a rectangle with grooves but wagon wheel shapes are common too. Typically the duros are deep fried but they can also be microwaved. The prepared duros puff up then can be dipped in salsa or sprinkled with chile lime salt.

When the kids were little they loved to watch them blow up in the microwave - and then eat them like popcorn.
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/05 17:18:07
Wannabchef described Duros very nicely. I get them here in the Hispanic Markets.
About the only way I know to describe them would be they're kinda like a cheese puff without the cheese or a thinner, softer pork rind. Anyway, they're addictive and a good snack!
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/18 16:06:30
Dim Ssam a Go Go
Another local restaurant that operates a gourmet food truck in Miami is Sakaya Kitchen. 

It's worth looking at the other side of the truck to see the wild paint job without the serving window open.

I read in an interview that Chef Hale hates the term "fusion", but the restaurant business card reads, "Solid Asian Funk Fusion."  There certainly is a korean influence, as evidenced by the labels kalbi, bulgogi etc. on some items.

Menu of the Day

I chose the Korean Fried Chicken Wings, the Popcorn Shrimp Spicy Soft Tacos and the Kalbi Short Rib Soft Tacos.  I also got Wife Hales' Giant Cookie, but didn't take a photograph of it.  My wife recalls that it was very good, and maybe had peanut butter and chocolate.  It didn't last long!

Korean Fried Chicken Wings
These were seriously good.  They weren't cloyingly sweet, and I think I tasted chinese 5-spice powder or something similar in the seasoning. 

Popcorn Shrimp Spicy Soft Tacos
Kalbi Short Ribs Soft Tacos

These were both very good, but if I had to choose one, it would be the shrimp taco.  The seasonings, sauce, shrimp and cilantro seemed to be a match made in heaven.  The cook went wild with the red sauce on the short rib tacos, making it a six-napkin meal, but the flavor was worth the mess!
On another visit, the menu was slightly different, and I got a chance to ask about some of the sauces.
This is the mother sauce for some of the other offerings:

Ssamjang is a korean sauce or paste made from soybeans, chilies, onions garlic and sesame oil.

Bao are various kinds of chinese steamed buns.  Here the technique is used to make a soft roll of sorts, making a little sandwich for the pork belly.  The sauce here is their "sweet" hot sauce, based on the ssamjang.  These were sinfully good, with the rich pork belly perfectly cooked. Kurobuta pork is to common pork what Kobe beef is to regular beef, more tender, flavorful and fatty.


If you like kimchi (and I do), you'll love the crisp little snacks.  They are tart, spicy, garlicky and crunchy.

Crispy, tasty duck skin with cilantro and parsley with spicy mayo (mayo plus ssamjang).
I noticed that they sell special sodas, including the Boylan brand I have read about here:

Not on the menu boad above, but listed on a paper menu taped to the truck, was the house version of tater tots!

Freshly-fried tater tots with lean, tender, juicy, flavorful strips of beef on top, sprinkled with scallions and sauce.  I don't recall noticing any cheese, but this was delicious.  I also would have guessed it was skirt steak.  Another diner who is suspicious of asian foods delighted in it, too.

Tacos, taquitos, burgers and fries are the real deal at Jefe's truck.  The menu gives a detailed description of the items offered.

The Ensenada (Baja California) fish taco is in line with the Southern California theme of the truck and food.  If you look at the truck photo above, you can see a stylized surf board.  The cheeseburger offerings certainly are remeniscent of In 'n Out, what with the Double-Double and the ingredients.
Carnitas Taco & Fish Taco

Taquitos with Tomatos & Guacamole, House-made Chili Salsa on the side:

Note the stripe of crema between the tomatos and the guacamole to make the mexican flag, and the traditional-in-Ensenada grilled scallion!

A special shout-out for the fries, which are hand cut from fresh potatos.  These are the best traditional fries I've had from any of the SoFla food trucks (some have non-traditional fried-potato offerings).

  If I had to choose, the fish taco is my favorite, with fresh-tasting fish, expertly fried, and very fresh accompaniments.  The carnitas and taquitos are good, although very mildly flavored by my taste.  Salsas are available to raise the heat level.  The guacamole was fresh and tasty.
Owner Jack patiently eliciting an order from a customer:

On another visit, I got to try the Double-Double, Miami-Style

Big, hot, fresh and juicy, this was everything that a California-style double-cheeseburger should be.  Recommended!
These wildly-painted, fun food trucks have become so popular that event organizers have rounded them up to provide food.  Also, the Miami Herald, and others have sponsored a series of events called Street Food Fridays, the first of which I attended.  The trucks themselves are the attraction.

I don't know how many there will be in all, but the next one is at lunchtime on February 4th.

This is a view from one end of the closed-off street.  The lines quickly grew to  30 minutes or more at most of the trucks.

The first Street Food Friday was also the debut of the truck sponsored by Food Carts USA.  Sef Gonzalez, aka Burgerbeast, is not actually going to cook in it.  He is drafting regional burgermasters and others to cook in the truck; a different one at each outing. 
BurgerBeast Truck with BurgerBeast being interviewed:

At this first showing of the new truck, no actual cooking was going on.  Fireman Derek was selling mini "pies" from the truck.  I brought a couple home, and the coconut cream in particular was very good.
  [....more to come]
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The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/18 16:22:42
Don,  It looks like there might be a similar truck meet up event this Saturday night.  I have a friend coming to town and - depending on her availability, we might hit this.  Are you going to be around?
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/18 16:32:34
The Saturday night Wynwood rally is a biggy.  I can be there early, I believe.
The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/18 16:37:13
Still working out plans with her.  She needs to go from Miami-Sarasota that night, after a work event.  It may or may not work out, but I will keep you posted.  If we do, it would be early.
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/18 16:39:04
I can't take it anymore...this is driving me mad.  Nothing like this around here... I am so jealous!  That fish sandwich is driving me up the wall....
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/18 17:16:23
It's a shame about the news on the GFTA. Hopefully, the events keep on coming (although I am aware they only set up a single event).
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/19 07:56:07
Excellent report and fantastic pictures.  I feel like I've now been to these trucks.
Thanks very much MiamiDon!!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/19 18:54:22
I was curious about the trucks themselves. Several of them look very similar. Obviously the paint, graphics etc are custom but are the trucks themselves built by the same company as a food truck complete with equipment?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/20 16:20:50
OMG! What I wouldn't give to have some of those trucks here in Huntsville. The food prices are great and the food looks (which I sure it is) delicious. Great job w/the pictures.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/20 16:21:16
OMG! What I wouldn't give to have some of those trucks here in Huntsville. The food prices are great and the food looks (which I sure it is) delicious. Great job w/the pictures.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/23 08:47:12
What a great report and pics, Don! That food looks so good!
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/23 11:29:48
Don, this is an excellent report.  Your pictures are excellent and I'm now hungry.
Thank goodness that the cilantro sighting takes away any occurrence of hunger pangs.
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/23 14:26:17
I thought of you as I wrote about the cilantro, Marlene!

Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/01/26 10:49:09
The shrimp and fish tacos put me over the edge.  Would it be really weird to schedule a vacation around following food trucks?  (wait . . I'm totally asking the wrong people that question . . )  Excellent Don!
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/03/15 12:25:24
Chef Jeremiah's contribution to mobile dining is the Gastropod, which serves a unique menu of asian-influenced food.  I caught up with the converted Airstream trailer at a Whole Foods store in Pinecrest one weekend.

In addition to selling food, there was a demonstration of Chef Jeremiah's skills with molecular gastronomy in the making of shake.  I couldn't stay to sample it, but it had soy milk, honey and I believe cinnamon in the ingredients.
Chef Jeremiah pouring liquid nitrogen into the blender:

And here is Chef Jeremiah wearing the shake after the liquid nitrogen reacts rather explosively with the ingredients!

This is the menu that was on the trailer that day:

On the web site mentioned above, there is a more extensive menu of items available from time-to-time.  I got the Old Dirt Dawg, Short Rib Sliders, Banh Mi Tacos and el chinito cubano.
Old Dirt Dawg with Stupid Slaw

Short Rib Sliders

Banh Mi Tacos

El Chinito Cubano

I got all of this wrapped-up to-go and brought it home.  Like some other gourmet food trucks, the truck menu, the web site and the food aren't always in synch.  I read the menu, order the food to go, eat it, enjoy it, but then when I look at the photos I think, "Wait, what's that in there?"  The Old Dirt Dawg seemed... mostly ordinary, and maybe missing something?  The slaw is a vinegary concoction of red cabbage and red bell pepper.  The web site mentions an aged-cheddar fondue with mustard seeds, so maybe something got left out.  It was a quality hot dog, and I put some mustard on it.  I think they said it was a Hebrew National.
The Short Rib Sliders had the same slaw, and an unidentified sauce.  G-pod sauce?  I noted that they were using halved hot dog rolls instead of a proper slider bun.  These were good.
Banh Mi Tacos are Gastropod's take on what is in the Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich, served in tacos.  They had pulled pork, that slaw that was in the other items, cilantro and what is called "spicy japanese mayo."  They didn't remind me much of the banh mi I've had from local markets made by little old vietnamese ladies, but they were good.
El Chinito Cubano is spanish for, I believe, "little chinese cuban,"  and is an asian flavored version of the classic cuban (cubano) sandwich.  It has good Benton ham, and the Chef's pork terrine instead of pork roast, and a hoisin-mustard sauce instead of just mustard.  This was good, too.
Recommended, and I am going to hunt them down again, although I will inquire about the hot dog!
This truck is more pan-asian, and less fusion than some others, although the miso burger is definitely fusion.

I got the Rendang Beef, the Curry Chicken, the Miso Burger with Crispy Fried Onions and the Chicken Satay.

Chicken Satay

Miso Burger

Curry Chicken
Rendang Beef

The pork burger was good, although I thought the roll, which I think was a whole-grain ciabbata-style bread, was a little tough for a burger.  Looking back at the pictures, I think I might put the slaw in the sandwich, or maybe even the crispy onions, which I gobbled up before I thought of photographing them.
The chicken and beef were good.  The beef looks a little dry in the photo because I photographed it when I had it for supper later.  I didn't specify which rice, so I think that is the plain steamed rice.
The chicken satay was outstanding.  It was perfectly cooked, retaining moistness and with great spicing.  I got the peanut sauce for dipping, which was good.


A great local restaurant has a little food cart that shows up here and there occasionally.  It was at the Fall for the Arts festival serving a pork-belly sandwich.
Menu For the Day

Pork Belly Cooking

Finished Sandwich

I loved this.  I'd never had pork belly except in its bacon form before.  Unbelievably tender and rich.  It got inhaled!  And yes, I had the peach iced tea.  I sort of chugged that down, because it was so hot out, and didn't really note the details much, although it was tasty.   The roll was not what I would call a kaiser roll!
 [......more to come]

ann peeples
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/03/15 17:51:32
Oh my goodness-what wonderful food and pictures!
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/03/21 10:24:59
Don, the next time you're headed out for these things if you happen to spy me crouched down in the back seat of your car, *do not be alarmed.*  :)
Junior Burger
Re:Miami Food Trucks [3/15/2011 Update!] 2011/03/31 01:50:39
Great pictures!! I've been stalking the Miami food trucks with the iPhone app i got from  They have lots of pictures in the app too, but I like yours better, maybe you can submit them to the app?
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Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks [3/15/2011 Update!] 2011/03/31 01:56:54
wow, MiamiDon, great report and great pictures. Can you ship me a pork belly sandwich?
Re:Miami Food Trucks [3/15/2011 Update!] 2011/03/31 12:25:08
Excellent!  Thanks for the pictures and reviews.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Miami Food Trucks [3/15/2011 Update!] 2011/04/03 06:26:10
Don, your food pictures are always so good. I wish I could eat them! Thanks for updating this report!
Junior Burger
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/04/25 14:53:34
Great article Don. If we had an idea for a new food truck, is there one main company that outfits the Miami Food Truck scene? Would love to know who to contact about outfitting a new concept.

Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/04/25 15:12:38
Great report, Don. A couple of questions. Do you find yourself searching out these trucks in place of the conventional restaurants these days? Also, do any of them have any sort of seating, such as a picnic table set up nearby or even just chairs to sit in while you eat?
Re:Miami Food Trucks [3/15/2011 Update!] 2011/04/25 15:26:31

Great pictures!! I've been stalking the Miami food trucks with the iPhone app i got from  They have lots of pictures in the app too, but I like yours better, maybe you can submit them to the app?

This Gentleman's comment is a perfect example of why I encourage mobile vendors, including Carts, to use Twitter, Facebook or other electronic means to promote their business and build their customer base.
Filet Mignon
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/04/25 15:34:43

Great article Don. If we had an idea for a new food truck, is there one main company that outfits the Miami Food Truck scene? Would love to know who to contact about outfitting a new concept.


I believe that would be Food Carts USA.

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Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/06/09 10:20:05

Great report, Don. A couple of questions. Do you find yourself searching out these trucks in place of the conventional restaurants these days? Also, do any of them have any sort of seating, such as a picnic table set up nearby or even just chairs to sit in while you eat?

Ed, I didn't see your question back in April.
Yes, some do set up with tables and chairs.  At the bigger events, I think someone rents tables and chairs, because I have seen larger numbers set up. 
Yes, I do seek them out, based on my location around lunch time.  A few gatherings have been within two miles of my house, so that was a no-brainer.  One was at a Mercedes dealer, and the others were at a big Harley-Davidson dealer.   I follow my favorites on Twitter, and have the text-to-phone function activated.  The ones that know what they are doing tweet their locations for lunch and dinner.  Some of them are buddies, and Tweet that other trucks are going to be at the same site.  I have an iPhone, and some of the trucks have set up their Facebook pages so the postings get tweeted, too.  For example, on Tuesday I was in downtown Miami for a meeting, and when I got out I checked the text message scroll that is routed though Twitter, and saw that three trucks were blocks away at Bayfront park.
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July 4th 2011 Update 2011/07/04 12:39:21
I've only had one item from the Wrapidito food trailer menu, but it was so good that I have to mention them.  I feel certain that the rest of the menu is worth exploring.

Wrapidito Menu

I had the Mediterranean Chicken Wrap

This was just great.  The crunchy almonds, sweet onions, salty feta cheese and the freshly grilled chicken went together like magic.
Red Koi Lounge is a sushi restaurant in Coral Gables that also operates a food truck.
Red Koi Food Truck

Red Koi Menu

I was sharing with someone who is not very food-adventurous, so I stuck to some ordinary asian finger foods.
Gyoza with Ponzu Sauce

Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce

California Roll

These were all freshly-made to-order, and were good.  I'd like to try the Red Koi's Tartar next time.  No, I don't know what a Monkey Roll is!

Wing Commander is one of the original food "trucks" here in Miami.  They have made several changes to the menu over the past year, and the last time I saw them they had followed the lead of a couple of others in offering packaged meals.  I believe this is to make things easier for them when they get slammed at some of the events, but I could be wrong.  Bill and Allison, the owners/operators, are as nice as can be.  The "Wing Commander" theme is from Bill's time as an officer in the Air Force.
Wing Commander Trailer

Wing Commander Menu

Wing Commander Wings

The wings are hot and tasty, with several housemade sauces to choose from.  I'm partial to the Caribbean, but my wife prefers the "Hot."

Chili-Cheese Chippies

"Chippies" are deep-fried, sliced potatoes.  The menu at the Harley dealer event just listed them as part of a package lunch with chili and cheese, but I imagine that they will eliminate one or both toppings if you so desire.  These a good - Allie's chili is quite tasty.  Best eaten right away before the potatoes get too soggy.

You can mix and match any of the sauces and toppings on the sliders.  Here I had mushrooms, swiss cheese and caramelized onions, I believe.  Hot and juicy, and cooked to your liking.

Chicken strips are mentioned on the menu, and these are what I was served several months ago.
Chicken Strips

I don't know whether they are still available, but we enjoyed the cinnamon chips they offered in the past.  I believe that these are cut-up flour tortillas, deep-fried and tossed with cinnamon and sugar.
Cinnamon Chips
Yellow Submarine is operated by two brothers from Colombia, and offers burgers, subs and hot dogs with a Colombian twist.
Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine Menu

I've had the Colombian-style hot dog, and two of the subs.  I must confess that I was a little suspicious of the hot dog, because the only  experience I'd had with a latin hot dog was not good, and a Cuban restaurateur told me that a lot of them are all about the toppings, and use sub-standard hot dogs.  Well, that was certainly not the case here.  This foot-long, all-beef beauty was tasty on it's own, and I very much enjoyed the combination of the pineapple sauce, provolone cheese, homemade mustard sauce and homemade tomato sauce covered with crumbled potato chips.
Yellow Dog

Imagine Sub
This was turkey breast, provalone, lettuce, tomato and onions.  These were all of good quality, but what put it "over the top" was the pesto sauce and the garlic sauce.  We very much enjoyed it.

New Sensation Sub

This one adds black forest ham to the Imagine Sub ingredients, and is equally as good, if not better.

Of course, after all that food we needed dessert.  The Sweetness Bake Shop and Cafe operates a food truck, too.
Sugar Rush Truck

They offer a varying menu of cupcakes and little single-serving desserts.  Here is a typical offering:
Sugar Rush Menu

Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding with Expresso Sauce

Get it?  Doughnuts and coffee?

Passionfruit Creme Brulee

Coconut Passionfruit Cupcake

These are all very good.  My wife is particularly fond of the bread pudding.  I discovered when I travelled to the bricks and mortar bakery that the expresso sauce is only available on the truck, to my disappointment.
[more trucks to come.....]

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August 5th 2011 Update 2011/08/05 08:23:08
There was a small food truck event at a Hyundai dealership near to my house, so we stopped by to pick up something for supper.  It featured some new trucks that I had not seen before, including these two with great wrap designs:



They weren't ready to serve, but I found out that a Monster Burger is 8 oz beef, bacon, extra mozarrella cheese, onions, monster sauces, lettuce, tomatoes and crushed potato chips.

We had heard that a new pork specialties truck would be here, and found this guy:

We got the Porchetta sandwich from Pork Shop, and some Argentine empanadas from Che Grill.


Beef, Chicken and Spinach Empanadas

Porchetta Sandwich

Everything was delicious!  The herb/spice/whatever blend in the porchetta, along with the roast pork, gave off an alluring aroma that grabbed me from yards away.  It was served with homemade pickled cucumbers and a mustard sauce of some sort.  I have to track them down and try some more items from the menu.
For dessert we had some of the Sweet Potato Pound Cake  from the Pork Shop:
More to come.....
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Re:July 4th 2011 Update 2011/08/05 11:02:46
I like the stamps on the empanadas quite a lot.
Re:July 4th 2011 Update 2011/08/08 10:02:01
Don, are there any competitions/events where the trucks are featured instead of the food?  I can easily imagine that there are a few guys who have reputations as the best in the food truck paint/graphics business.
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Re:July 4th 2011 Update 2011/08/08 10:07:52
Not that I am aware of.  The Great Food Truck Race was in town for a bit, but their emphasis is on the food service, mostly.
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Re:July 4th 2011 Update 2011/08/08 13:35:31
Very, very impressive food trucks.I am in awe, and wish we had that kind of quality here...
Re:July 4th 2011 Update 2011/08/08 14:59:15
Hey Don, I always enjoy your additions to this thread.  Keep eatin!
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Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/08/12 20:16:50
I like their idea that they can roll on to everywhere and just tweet so they can get their fans to that place and eat!  :)
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Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/08/16 10:04:19
In case anyone is using this as a guide,
Wing Commander is now Crepes Outdoors (selling crepes, both sweet and savory)
Wrapidito Yum  is now Subusters Yum (same food, but with a Ghost Busters theme to the art on the truck)
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/08/20 23:15:50
Wow, I wish I was closer to Miami.  Your adventures around Miami have looked wonderful.
Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/08/21 09:48:17
Outstanding food pictures. I can almost taste them. Almost
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Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/08/23 21:08:37
Man.  I have had dinner and I have had ice cream and the back half of this page started my stomach to yowling.  I am so glad you are documenting all the food truck goings on for us Don. :)
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Re:Miami Food Trucks 2011/10/22 09:31:56
I caught up with one of the Latin House Grill food trucks the other day (there are two now), and thought I'd share a picture of my lunch.  One of the specials of the day was a trio of tacos.

They were grilled chicken, rib-eye, and coconut fried shrimp.  Very tasty!
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Crepe Outdoors 2011/11/19 13:08:10
The former Wing Commander reinvented itself as Crepe Outdoors.

They offer several types of savory and sweet crepes.

We ordered the Allie's Comfort Food and the Lane's Creamy Comcoction the other week.
Chef Bill Cooking Crepes

Allie's Comfort Food Crepe

This was the one with the blue cheese blend and caramelized onions and bacon.  It was very good, and incredibly rich!  The wife enjoyed her chicken, swiss and mushroom crepe, too.
Recommended!  And I want to try one of the dessert ones, too.
Re:Crepe Outdoors 2011/12/16 13:27:34
Here is what Anthony Bourdain had to say about Miami's food truck scene.
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