Hudson Valley Hot Dog Carts for Events?

Junior Burger
2011/01/06 13:55:55
I grew up in North Jersey eating at Rutts Hut, The Hot Dog House, Callahan's, Hot Grill, Fall's View, Cubby's and dogs from a long gone disabled lunch truck serving sabrett's on Hoboken Road in Carlstadt. 
Hot dogs have obviously been an important part of my life. When my fiance and I started planning our wedding, I asked her if we could serve hot dogs (not the little snack weinies though).  We decided that for our "after party" we would get a hot dog cart to serve our guests some late night snacks. 
We'll be getting married in Central Valley, NY up near Woodbury Commons.  Does anyone know of any places that we could get a manned hot dog cart?  It seems when I run a google search for New York Hot Dog Cart Rentals, I get more results of "new york style hot dog carts" than any actual services.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Filet Mignon
Re:Hudson Valley Hot Dog Carts for Events? 2011/01/07 15:55:04
Ask the Mods to move this post to the Pro Hot Dog section. There are a few doggers that may be interested in this gig.............Welcome to the site...............Bill
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Re:Hudson Valley Hot Dog Carts for Events? 2011/01/17 11:38:29
If  you are looking to get a Hot Dog cart built that meets your expectations, we could make you one at a very low price just shoot me a private message so I can give you my contact details, since I can't post my website link here, we are located in New York, Long Island. 

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Re:Hudson Valley Hot Dog Carts for Events? 2011/01/30 15:30:17
Paugom ,
Thats only a few miles from me where you are getting married . I do know some Hot Dog guys that would help you out ,  PM or email me and I will give  you their info