Stretching Your Grocery Budget!

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2011/01/07 08:58:11
Stretching Your Grocery Budget!
This Christmas my cousin Sue gave me a booklet used for savings. I must admit my first thought was what a cheap gift LOL. Anyway last night we needed some groceries so my husband Jimmy and I figured we would try this program. We normally spend about $ 70 - $ 80 picking up some basic food necessities before we do our major shopping for the week. So we picked up the same items we always do but to both of our surprises using this program it only cost us $ 16 for the same products, brands and quantities that always cost us in the mid $70s. I called her and thanked her tremendously. I also asked her where she found this so that I can tell other family members and friends. She said that the program
is found at Now we can't wait to try the
restaurant program next!
Re:Stretching Your Grocery Budget! 2011/01/07 09:25:02
mirandamartens, WOW!  How do I get in on this deal?  Your link, where is your link?