Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos

Junior Burger
2011/01/08 23:03:27
I like to save up all my photos for a year-end review, but since I haven't found the time yet to compile 2010, I figure maybe my New Year's resolution can be to post the best restaurants as I find them.  Ladies and gentlemen, La Placita Tacos (13203 Seashore Hwy., Georgetown, DE) is my first "best" restaurant of 2011!
My fiancee and I pass this small (and I mean SMALL!), unassuming place often while heading out of town for road trips, and I mention every time we pass by that I'd like to try it, but that always seems to be long before the restaurant opens or long after it closes.  When we saw the "open" sign lit up on our way back from a family gathering this evening, we knew the time was right!
I would rank the small, simple meal I had here among the top 10 in my lifetime! There's absolutely no doubt we'll be back. I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story.

This looks like our kind of place!

Proof that in Roadfood, size doesn't matter!

Don't know about your neck of the woods, but there aren't too many restaurants around here, Mexican or otherwise, that advertise tongue, head beef and brain.

Check out the "fixin's" bar! Everything on it was made fresh. Quesadillas weren't on the menu, but the chef made one special for my stepdaughter-to-be. We were the only customers so late at night, so the owner spent a lot of time chatting with us and with her, in particular. She loved being quizzed on the Spanish words she learned on Dora the Explorer.

But of course, the true test of any restaurant is its food. My fiancee took one bite of her asada tacos and was in Heaven!

I chose to be a little more adventurous and got the fried carnitas (left) and pork skin taco (right). I have to admit, when he brought out the pork skin, my first thought was, "I've made a terrible mistake." But it turned out to be the highlight of the meal! This ugly little thing was absolutely amazing, and though I usually forego traditional taco toppings, a little green chile salsa made these little beauties even more irresistable.

The owner surprised us with a husk-wrapped tamale on the house. As with the rest of the food, this was superb and had a wonderful spiciness of its own. Can't wait to go back for more!
ann peeples
Re:Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos 2011/01/09 06:15:52
Wow, nice pics and report!! Sounds like an excellent restaurant.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos 2011/01/09 06:51:28
I sincerely wish that knoxville had a neat place to purchase tamales.  We ain't got it.
Nice shot and nice post.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos 2011/01/09 07:28:27
Great report! Everything looks delicious!
Filet Mignon
Re:Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos 2011/01/09 09:06:21
Looks terrific!  
Re:Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos 2011/01/09 09:12:15
I'm with you, Paul - no tamales in Burlington NC either. I've even asked around if anyone knew of a  "tamale lady" who makes hers at home. If I had someone to share the work I would try making them myself.
Nice trip report! Wish I were closer to La Placita Tacos.
Filet Mignon
Re:Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos 2011/01/09 12:59:47
My understanding is that there are many Hispanics in southern Delaware. There has actually been anthropological research on it. Apparently they migrated to the area to work the chicken production work. This part of DE is right across the border from MD and Purdue's. I'll bet there's a lot of good Mexican places hidden around the county!
Junior Burger
Re:Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos 2011/01/09 22:35:37
NYNM, your insights on Delaware's hispanic migration are right on--I work for the university that conducted the research. There's also a growing Hatian population due in large part to the cap on a particular type of visa a few years ago that left a lot of local farmers and seafood packers looking for alternative labor sources to replace the help they normally depended on from Mexican immigrants.
However, I've been in this part of Delaware for a year now and have lived within a 90-mile radius of Georgetown, on the Maryland side, all my life. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the "good hidden Mexican places" are around the way you'd think they would be.
The only other two "real" Mexican restaurants in the region I'm familiar with are the Cactus Cafe in Selbyville, DE (which I praised during my 2009 year in review) and Mi Pueblito Mexican Grill in Crisfield, MD (equally good). Everything else seems to be your standard chicken or beef "Mexican-via-Sysco" fare.
La Placita supposedly has a "sister" restaurant in nearby Laurel, DE, however. Maybe it would be worth checking out.
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Re:Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos 2011/01/09 23:23:35
I am not a Mexican food fan,but I always hear good reviews of La Quetzalteca.They started as a hole-in-the-wall place down the street from me on US Rt 9 (which looked not much difference from Placita) but now they have two large and well appointed stores ,one on Rt 24 in Millsboro,and one in the Georgetown Plaza on Rt 113.Supposedly the fare is authentic,but again I stress,I am only going on hearsay.
Junior Burger
Re:Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos 2011/01/10 09:31:43
^Yep, I've eaten at both La Quetzalteca locations. I'm not saying they're not good... but I don't think they come close to the others I mentioned. I do like their carnitas, though. And now I'm sort of craving them. Dang it!
Re:Georgetown, DE - La Placita Tacos 2011/01/10 10:23:28
As great as the food looks and this report is, what truly amazes me is that some pork escaped Capitol Hill...