Double Cheeseburger
2011/01/10 14:16:20
Stopped in at Bette's in Berkeley Sunday morning after seeing thread on Roadfoodand found it a mixed bag.....had potato pancakes(9.95!!!) and scrapple  3.50..the pancakes were okay , but were not of the german variety I prefer ...they were made with shredded potato rather than grated and more resembeled mcdonals hash browns than what I consider a true potato pancake- and the price was way high I thought- they must have been some gourmet potatos..The scrapple on the other hand was delish and tastewise could have been proudly served at any diner in south jersey, but the sole little square would have been laughed out of any diner there- If I ever return I will get 2 orders as the scrapple is the only thing that would get me back there .....