Matty's Corner, Black Rock, CT

Junior Burger
2011/01/15 12:05:52
Warning: This is a bar, not a food place. BUT it will surprise you.
Danny Roach is the head guy. And when he mans the ancient flattop behind the bar, you're in luck.
He cooks mostly at lunch time. The food is hearty, not gourmet, and almost ridiculously priced (low). As are the drinks.
I had a chili dog there last week. Engrossed in a serious conversation about the musical merit of the Grateful Dead (I am not a believer), I didn't watch him prepare it.
Simply put, it was one of the best dawgs(and yes, Matty's is a two-minute drive from the esteemed Super Duper Weenie) I've ever ingested. $2.50. Yes, he uses real Kuhn's Chili, my favorite condiment on the planet.
Matty's is at 2816 Fairfield Avenue, right at the intersection of Brewster St., the principal crossroads of Black Rock, a neighborhood of Bridgeport, CT.
BTW, right down the block is Beverly Pizza, my personal mecca for Greek-style apizz'. Go on Tuesdays when Dickie makes the meatballs and get a grinder with melted cheese. Sandwich nirvana.
I'm done.
John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Matty's Corner, Black Rock, CT 2011/01/16 07:46:19
Can you tell us a little more about the hot dog? What brand? I would guess Hummel's. Natural casing or skinless? How is it prepared? Deep fried? Grilled?