soda machine help

2011/01/19 16:56:25
is there a adjustment that has to be made on the soda pump for the carbination? some of the soda just seems to taste flat. the tank is full. it has been full for a few months. do those go bad? do they need refil after a time or is a full tank a good tank?
on my cart, i have a flojet pump. would something on that pump be adjusted to allow more carbination or is the adjustment on the tank itself?
Re:soda machine help 2011/01/19 17:11:19
Hi Gotti,
I don't have an answer for you but I'll be in the Los Angeles area and would love to stop by your cart.
Could you PM me your corner?
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Re:soda machine help 2011/01/19 21:56:01
Is there a cold plate?  Is it cold?
Re:soda machine help 2011/01/25 00:30:19
Are you out of Co2 ?
Is your system pre mix or post mix?
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Re:soda machine help 2011/01/25 22:49:58
Check the cold plate
If you're using a tank, check the lines for leaks (windex)
I've used both Coke and Pepsi at some time, or another. Most accounts have at least a certain number of free service calls per year, you pay them to keep that stuff working every time you buy syrup, give them a call.