Liquid Coffee Concentrate...anyone use it?

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2011/01/20 06:42:35
I’ve heard amazing things about liquid coffee concentrate for years.  People tell me it’s the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had, and I hear this over and over again.  I grind my own beans every morning, but if concentrate tastes as good as I’ve heard, I may just give up the grind, so to speak.  If any of you’ve tried it, what’s your opinion?  I’d like to find a mild to medium roast, unflavored (and no chicory).  I’m not sure I have the patience to cold-brew my own (as with the Coffee Toddy), but I’d love to find something available in stores.  Mail order is such an expensive hassle, especially for grocery items.    
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Re:Liquid Coffee Concentrate...anyone use it? 2011/01/20 10:44:12
I do some side work for Kraft Beverages and they have several models of machines  called "convenience coffee" that use both frozen and refrigerated coffee concentrate depending on the model. I know they have a deal which gives you free use of the equipment and free service in return for buying the product from them. I have tasted the coffee many times and think it's quite good but I'm not a coffee connoisseur by any means. I have about 40 machines of this type that I service in my area. They are placed in a small chain of local restaurants, a Club Med type resort, a very high-end retirement facility, and several motels in the area. One good thing is you always get a fresh cup of coffee. The product sold by Kraft is Maxwell House. There are other brands sold by other companies such as Hills/Nestle, Nescafe, Vitality and Douwe Egbert. All of the convenience coffee's I've seen required special equipment such as a Bunn model LCC for small -mid volume and a Bunn model LCR for higher volume.
Re:Liquid Coffee Concentrate...anyone use it? 2011/01/20 13:10:22
I've got to say I have had Douwe Egbert's liquid coffee at the old Magnolia Steak House in Ghent, Norfolk, VA.  I was astounded at the wonderful flavor!  Looked up the equipment a couple of years ago and it seemed that it was very expensive for the home brewers so I gave up and the Magnolia more fresh Douwe Egbert's!  Barney
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Re:Liquid Coffee Concentrate...anyone use it? 2011/01/20 13:29:18
Barney: Actually, equipment isn't needed unless you cold-brew it yourself, such as The Coffee Toddy (about $38).  I'm trying to find a consumer-friendly bottled liquid coffee concentrate, mild or medium roast.  You just mix it with hot water (or cold for iced coffee).   
Cool Brew is a brand out of Louisana, but they don't offer a chicory-free mild or medium roast.  Victoria House is a San Diego-based brand, but I'm trying to avoid mail order for obvious reasons. 
Ces1948:  Thank you for the info. Called area restaurant supplies and coffee services this morning, but have come up empty handed so far.  Will follow the rest of your tips, too.
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Re:Liquid Coffee Concentrate...anyone use it? 2011/01/20 13:50:57
As a consumer  I have had the Douwe Egbert brand from Daylight Donuts here in Texas and I find it as good as anything I can grind myself. I always resort to that when I don't feel like making an entire pot. It's very good. IMHO.
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Re:Liquid Coffee Concentrate...anyone use it? 2011/01/20 14:57:23
Yes, I've heard the same thing about DE's liquid concentrate, too.  This is the prevailing opinion I'm getting about concentrates.  
Re:Liquid Coffee Concentrate...anyone use it? 2011/01/21 20:21:34
You can cold brew your own in a French Press. Takes about 12-15 hours with the same results as a Toddy.