Beefy King, Orlando, FL photos

sk bob
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2011/01/22 18:21:54
stopped by Beefy King on the way home from a guitar show in Kissimee for a late lunch.
first, its about 4 miles off I-4 in Orlando and it took us about 20 mins. to get there with all the traffic on a Saturday afternoon about 1:30pm. I don't know how those people that live there do it I was going f'n  nuts. Give me Daytona any day.
  We arrived about 2pm & the place was packed but were able walk up & order & found an open table.
I forgot the camera was in the car so the pics are of half eaten sandwichs, sorry but better than no pics.  
Sorry, date is wrong on the pictures.  But they are from today 01/22/2011
This is Peg's regular.  A little skimpy on the meat if you ask me.

My extra large.  Both sandwiches have the sweet barbecue sauce that we put on.

Beefy spuds (tater-tots)

The inside serving counter and kitchen area.  Sorry about the picture, Baah Ben has a better picture on his thread.

The drive-thru menu is clearer.


In our opinion its nothing special. tasty yes , with the addition of the sweet BBQ sauce from the squirt bottles. they also have hot BBQ sauce or horseradish sauce in the squirt bottles.
the sandwichs come plain or with lettuce & onion for no charge but tomato or cheese are extra.
worth going out of the way for? NO
if you're in the area, yes.
at 2pm on a Sat. afternoon there was a steady stream of people  so they're doing something right & have the market cornered.
also the prices are right on & the tater tots are much better than Sonic's.
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Re:Beefy King, Orlando, FL photos 2011/01/23 05:49:10
Looks better than Arby's!
Tony Bad
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Re:Beefy King, Orlando, FL photos 2011/01/23 13:09:53
Thanks Bob.
I'll be down that way in a few weeks and will give it a try! Your opinions on beef, after all those photos of your good steaks, hold some weight.
Re:Beefy King, Orlando, FL photos 2011/01/24 15:04:24
Hey Bob,
I'll have to do a comparison with the one in Wilkes-Barre, PA.
Re:Beefy King, Orlando, FL photos 2011/01/24 16:52:33

Looks better than Arby's!

So does a cows rear end!
Re:Beefy King, Orlando, FL photos 2011/01/24 16:55:40
Cheap food ain't good, good food ain't cheap" says so on my menu. That food was cheap, hence...