Grimaldi's Hoboken

Filet Mignon
2011/01/24 16:42:29
Has anyone been to Grimaldi's Hoboken and can compare it to Grimaldi's Brooklyn.
On principle, I would never go to a place that has more than 5 min. wait, yet Grimaldi's is soooooo popular with NYC tourists (esp. from overseas) that think Grimaldi's in Bklyn is a "must-do".
So I was in Hoboken this week end and found out that there are not one, but 2, Grimaldi's there, apparently owned by the same family. And no waiting in line!
I thought the pizza was OK, fine, but not to stand in line or make a special trip (like NYC tourists). It was coal oven, which made is crispy with lots of flour on the bottom, but when it cooled off it was soggy. We did have a good antipasto, tho.
Re:Grimaldi's Hoboken 2011/01/24 17:49:58
I can tell you one thing. The Grimaldi's in Dallas is terrible. We have much better pizza in Dallas to chose from.
Filet Mignon
Re:Grimaldi's Hoboken 2011/01/28 17:54:58
I was surprised not to get more reactions here. I also participate in the Trip Adviser forums (quite interesting site)
where potential travellers can ask questions to locals around the world. So very many visitors to NYC, esp. foreign visitors, think they must make a pilgrimage of walking across Brooklyn Bridge and having a pie at Grimaldi's, right across the bridge. 
They usually wait at least an hour on line to do this. There are already over 30 pages of posts on Grimaldi's. It seems some sort of ritual, and must be recommended in tourist guides.
Has anyone else heard of this place or has a comment on it?
Re:Grimaldi's Hoboken 2011/01/28 18:19:02
NYNM, I gotta give Grimaldi's two thumbs up.  I would wait an hour for a pie, no problem
Re:Grimaldi's Hoboken 2011/01/28 20:03:41
If the Hoboken locations translated to the original there would only be one Hoboken location...with a very long line. I assume you went to the one on Washington St. not Clinton.
Filet Mignon
Re:Grimaldi's Hoboken 2011/01/28 20:14:51
Yes, I went to the one on Washington. Is the one on Clinton the same? Not sure I understood your comment - is the quality not so good, or is it that 2 restaurants in Hoboken cut the lines down?
Some of the comments I read on Trip Advisor for the Brooklyn one were not so good (tho more were higher ratings) mostly like "overrated". (I did pick up the hype, esp. from overseas tourists that the pizza in the Brooklyn one was fabulous, but I suspect the travellers haven't had much NYC area pizza, and were saying Grimaldi's was "great" because they walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and then waited on line for an hour, so you would probably think it was great of feel like a fool!)
Do you think the Grimaldi's in NJ is overrated? Is it better, worse, the same as Bklyn?
Re:Grimaldi's Hoboken 2011/01/28 20:47:46
The quality is ok if you just walked in to a pizza parlor in Hoboken and did not compare it to the original Brooklyn location. The name sells to many tourists that take the quick Path from Manhattan to see what there is to see in Hoboken that might not plan to visit Brooklyn. They might leave very happy and for some reason many think Brooklyn is a trek compared to Hoboken. I am sure many do because space is expensive in Hoboken and why be a few blocks apart when you have a captive audience to wait and wait for as long as it takes? Cover the map like Starbucks.
Wait until Buddy Valastro opens his pizza place. Talk about another line coming soon to Hoboken. Marone.
Billy Lord
Junior Burger
Re:Grimaldi's Hoboken 2011/04/24 20:27:03
Pizza in Hoboken... Gotta go with Benny Tudino's. No nonsense NY style pie with an anti chain atmosphere that's worth the 6 block walk up Washington from the Path station. Classic.