Pasadena Trip

Junior Burger
2011/01/27 15:54:50
Went to Pasadena to see the Rose Bowl Parade over New Year's. Great burgers out there-not expecting that in the land of healthy living-all with crispy edges. First stop was In 'N Out in Pasadena, 2114 East Foothill Boulevard-oldest location still in operation (circa 1951)-for burgers & fries. Drive through or walk up only-no dining room. Very busy place, food good. I've read that the food can suffer when the place is too busy but it was very good. They have a curious (to me) but sensible way of wrapping a strip of folded white paper around the burger to hold it together. The next place did the same thing to hold the burger together.
Pie 'N Burger, 913 East California Boulevard, since 1963 and unchanged in menu or decor. Great homemade pie and messy but excellent burger. Had custard (a hint of a rice pudding taste), cherry and peanut butter meringue-all excellent with great homemade crust. High praise from me-a baker and a real snob where baked goods are concerned.  Pie baker there was trained by the original one and does everything the same. Burger has homemade thousand island, pickle and lettuce on it. We also got to meet Hall of Fame boxer Bobby Chacon while we were waiting.
Gus's Barbecue (since 1946) 808 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena for lunch after the parade. I had "The Hangover" Red beans & rice, potatoes, Black Forest Ham, Andouille sausage, Applewood smoked bacon, two fried eggs, Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheese with Gumbo Gravy in a huge pile on a plate and I almost finished it save a few grains of rice. Friends had the Pulled Pork Tostada (a salad!)-also very good and, of course, a burger. Had a bite, wish I had one now.
Other places we ate at include Mimi's Cafe in Yorba Linda with a very nice breakfast-lots of on-site great baking there. Breakfast at the Farmer's Market and a rose scented ice cream from Bennett's (since 1963 although the family has been involved in ice cream there since the 40s)-tasted like mild bubble gum. Back in Pasadena had good Chinese food at Fortune Chinese Cuisine, 60 North Raymond. The best orange beef I've ever had-not breaded but tender and crunchy at the same time. All in all a perfect trip.
Filet Mignon
Re:Pasadena Trip 2011/01/28 14:04:41
Sounds like you had some great culinary luck!  I've been to Gus' for breakfast but not for the barbecue, and the Pie N Burger is at the top of my missed-it-try-to-catch-next-time list.  As is the Rose Bowl lineup itself.  Great report!
mr chips
Filet Mignon
Re:Pasadena Trip 2011/01/29 17:31:02
It's hard to remember but there was a very roadfoody type hamburger restaurant in Anaheim that was off the freeway exit that lead to Yorba linda  and the way to the Nixon birthplace and presidential library. I visited it a couple times. Any of our Socal brothers and sisters remember it.
Re:Pasadena Trip 2011/01/30 13:59:33
Sounds great.  I may have to make that trip one of these days.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Pasadena Trip 2011/01/30 19:50:54
My Mom used to enjoy going to lunch at the Mimi's nopt far from the Leisure World in Laguna Hills. That store , part of a fairly large chain, was well-managed and a pleasant place to eat for the many years we visited it a decade ago.
Junior Burger
Re:Pasadena Trip 2011/01/30 21:50:57
Knowl-wood is the place in Yorba Linda you are asking about I believe. I grew up there and years ago it was the best. New owner years ago and if I remember filed or was close to bankruptcy.
 Last time I went by about 6 months ago still open but food NOT same.