Anyone Remember Nickerson Farms Restaurants?

2011/01/30 00:45:02
I was driving from Phoenix to Tucson on I-10 today and spotted an old, run-down and closed a long time Nickersons right off the Interstate in Pachico Peak, AZ. It brought back some vague memories. Anyone have any memories/stories about Nickerson's??
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Re:Anyone Remember Nickerson Farms Restaurants? 2011/02/07 10:51:23
I don't recall ever eating at one.There is one up on the Interstate 35 North acess road as you head towards Austin outside of New Braunfels,.
Also,near Marion, if you take Stagecoach Road, there is a Nickerson Farms Road on your right.Turn to your right, and you head down towards Interstate 10 .
The building is still there, but has been remodeled and still sells gas and has some chain restaurant in it. If you go to the right on IH-10, you head towards San Antonio, go to the left,and you head towards Houston.Only two I know of in the San Antonio area.
Re:Anyone Remember Nickerson Farms Restaurants? 2011/02/08 12:05:10
i remember them. i was young when we stoped at them. here in the midwest, there was usually a Stuckys across the road.
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Re:Anyone Remember Nickerson Farms Restaurants? 2011/02/25 20:49:34
Another old Nickerson Farms location (may have mentioned this in one of my old
posts) was in Shepherdsville, KY at I-65, exit 117 (KY 44) -- last time I was in that
area in 1995, could still see the sign, but very faded.