Looking for advice.

2011/02/02 12:55:04
Hello all.I am going to open up an all world hot dog joint inside. Bricks and Morter  I have heard as the term. I am asking yuz who own this type of joint. What do I need? and how much will it cost to get started? I was not lucky with the search. I ran a cart last summer if you do not know me. It was living the dream. I know I need a steam table,or steam unit.Fridge,freezer,probably a sandwich unit with top cutting board for the cold fixens. I was going to buy a fryless fryer. Gillies uses one in portsmouth. 3 bay sinks and a wash hand sink. dry storage. I am looking at an 860 sq  foot  spot in a primo location in Dover NH. I came up with an idea to raise capital. I was offering Joe dog cards thru facebook. Most of my friends are from the Dover area. 20 dollars gives you 10 dogs and other goodies.I have had some people sending me 100. I thought 10 grand would do it. I have been advised at least 25 k. Any advice on what I need . I have some bit of a clue,but I know there are tried and true vets on here.Thank you
Junior Burger
Re:Looking for advice. 2011/02/02 19:25:30
Start with requirements from your local Health Department, then add additional equipment based on the types of dogs you will be serving; ie steamed, grilled, char-boriled, fried. 
You might get better/additional responses if you post this in the Professional Hot Dog Vendors forum of this site.