Crumb's Bakery cupcakes

2011/02/04 10:15:53
Oh my gosh! I stumbled upon a Crumb's bakery yesterday, at Union Station in DC. I don't recall ever reading about them, but maybe I've seen a post on here about them - they feature gigantic cupcakes in many flavors. I got a variety so that I could try them.They cost $3.75 each but imho they are worth it.l One caveat: it's probably best not to eat the whole cupcake at once - you might go into sugar overload. Serious here about that, type-2 diabetic speaking.
I got a strawberry one (gosh, I have forgotten the name of the cupcake just this quickly!), a Bryant Park (chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and white chocolate/cream cheese frosting w/white choc. shavings), and a strawberry good guy (yellow cupcake with strawberry/vanilla cream cheese frosting, with white choc. drizzle).  The strawberry one strawberry cupcake with a filling of strawberry jam (at least that's what it tasted like), topped by a chocolate frosting that had pink sprinkles on it. Ah, that was the chocolate strawberry cupcake! I had a taste of the strawberry good guy (which also had pink sprinkles) and the Bryant Park one - they were so rich and decadent. The chocolate strawberry one completely overwhelmed me, as I ate the whole thing in one sitting, and that was not a good thing for me.  It was, however, quite delicious!
I have been a bad girl today since my A1C came in at 6.2 yesterday.  And I'm going to share the rest of the cupcakes with my family. Really. ;) I do apologize for not having pictures to show - I don't have a digital camera, believe it or not!