Best Pastrami in NYC:Daily News Reader's Poll

2011/02/08 20:00:20
According to New York City readers of the Daily News: The Best Pastrami is at Basin Mill in Brooklyn. Katz's second. Let the arguing begin
No Carnegie at all....
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Michael Hoffman
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Re:Best Pastrami in NYC:Daily News Reader's Poll 2011/02/08 21:08:17
Living as I do in the Columbus, Ohio area any pastrami anywhere else has to be better than what is available locally now that the only Kosher market closed.
the ancient mariner
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Re:Best Pastrami in NYC:Daily News Reader's Poll 2011/02/09 14:09:40
In the 80's I designed a great kitchen for a family who just happened to make 90% of all the pastrami for all the delis in NYC.  They were the Pastrami Kings of NY.  They sold the same pastrami to everyone--none of the well known delis made their own, it was too much trouble. 
So when they said they made their own they were telling a little white lie---they made the sandwich not the meat---- but  SO WHAT  it was great no matter where you bought  it.  Delicious stuff......
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Re:Best Pastrami in NYC:Daily News Reader's Poll 2011/02/11 16:56:03
My favorite pastrami is not in New York at all, but at Harold's New York Deli in Edison, NJ (not to be confused with the OTHER Harold's New York Deli's; the one in Parsipanny is not bad, but the one in Lyndhurst is is beneath contempt). You can actually taste the smoky flavor.