Vending site change

Junior Burger
2011/02/09 05:11:28
Hi ,  It has been a long time since I have been on here ! But I would like some advice !! I currently set up in Nay Aug Park where I get alot of people walking by and some stop in their cars !! I might have a chance to position myself near a carpool area and a intersection where there is alot of traffic but not really too much foot traffic ? This is a industrial site area where this is a landfill and a quarry also other type businesses down the road !!There is alot of trucks that go by !! also I will be very visable in this area . The Park is good sometimes and some days it can be hard to park my van to set up. The hospital is right there and I do get business from it . Last year it was not really too good (THE HEAT ) nobody was out walking, I wonder if that happened with other venders ?? I would have to rely  basicly on the traffic going by for my business !{There is also a roach coach at the Landfill ), Any Advise ?????  Matty