Costco's Cheesecakes

2011/02/10 13:00:36
Ever tried one, if not, you should, made in house, or if you like try the Cheesecake Factory box of 4 different Cheesecakes Costco sells, they are also darn good!
Re:Costco's Cheesecakes 2011/02/11 10:11:39
Yes, we've tried a few different ones and they are delicious! 
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Costco's Cheesecakes 2011/02/11 14:54:03
Love the plain ones, I'll pass on the fruit topped versions...too sweet for me.  Headed there tomorrow for a shopping tour...but will get a Red Velvet Cake for sure. Got a coupon for $3 off the $9.99 price tag and those cakes are OUTSTANDING too.
Will also pick up a couple of bottles of the Pickled Herring in Wine Sauce, can't beat a dish of those little fish chunks with a Dr Pepper on the side !
Re:Costco's Cheesecakes 2011/02/11 15:28:06
Costco's in house bakeries are top-notch good.
Junior Burger
Re:Costco's Cheesecakes 2011/02/21 10:59:10
My friend used their cheesecakes for his birthday... definitely a hit, sorry no b-day leftovers!
Re:Costco's Cheesecakes 2011/02/27 14:17:23
The Costco Bakery at the Waterfront in West Homestead PA is KOSHER certified. They have the rabbi's letter posted at the front of the bakery. This is the only one in the Pittsburgh area that is KOSHER, to my knowledge. I assume it is because of the proximity to Squirrel Hill and its large Jewish population. I usually shop at the Robinson Costco, and they do not have a Kosher bakery.