More Pizza King

Junior Burger
2011/02/10 19:38:18
I grew up in the Dayton Ohio area where we had Cassanos Pizza Kings since 53,Vic Cassano and his mother in law started it and claimed to be the first pizza chain in the area but after seeing the Pizza Kings in Indiana I am wondering if they bought into a franchise or started it.  I seen a picture of one of the Indianas store pizza and it looks identicle to the pizza ours stores sells so they must be related and can anyone fill me in.
Filet Mignon
Re:More Pizza King 2011/02/10 19:59:03
Paging Mr. Newman ... Mr. Edwin Newman ...
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:More Pizza King 2011/02/10 20:00:45
You know, the pies sold by chains do seem to look a lot alike -- BAD.
Junior Burger
Re:More Pizza King 2011/02/10 20:20:58
The crown and king figure look real close so the Indiana and Ohio Pizza kings had to be related at some time,the Cassano family claimed to be the first in the area but I am thinking they bought into a franchise but I hope someone out there knows the rest of story.