Publication Guidelines?

Junior Burger
2011/02/13 13:52:39
I'm sure there must be a FAQ somewhere that has this info, but I can't find it.
I'm a native El Pasoan, returning home for a week after years and years. My friends and I will be chowing down on the best that city has to offer, many of which are not featured on your site. One in particular, Cattlemens in Fabens, a steak house, dude ranch, zoo, movie set, that raises and butchers its own cattle for their table, really deserves a listing here.
My question is: do you have publication guidelines? And how do I upload reviews?
Tony Bad
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Publication Guidelines? 2011/02/13 15:05:37
If you just want to share something in a post, just fire away in the appropriate section.
If you want to submit a restaurant review, click on "restaurants" at the top of any page. This will bring you to the section where restaurants that have been reviewed are listed. At the very bottom of this page you will find a "submit content" link.
Clicking here will bring up the info I think you are looking for. Find the area you want to write about, see if the restaurant is already listed, and have at it.
Hope to read of your adventures soon!
Junior Burger
Re:Publication Guidelines? 2011/02/13 16:44:18
Ah!  There it is! Thanks, Tony.