Norcross, GA

2011/02/15 10:23:32
Last night, we visited our son's new employer - Manhattan NY Pizza on Indian Trail (just off I-85) in Norcross, Georgia.  We chose that evening to check them out because it was a reasonably priced meal for Valentine's Day.  We also wanted to see where our son was working.  I was totally blown away by the pizza my wife chose (after all, it was the 35th anniversary of our first date).  I would not have chosen the monthly special - Chicken Club pizza - but she did, and I will eat just about anything once.  Low expectations always help, but this was an exceptional pizza.  Familiar ingredients - chicken, ham, bacon, tomato, yellow cheese, and lettuce - served in an unfamiliar way was very successful.  Manhattan Pizza does not prepare anything in advance.  The dough was rolled out, then tossed, and the ingredients (all prepared that day we were told) were then added.  After the pizza came out of the oven the lettuce was added.  I love soft dough and this crust was perfect for my tastes.   Unfortunately, this place is nearly an hour from where we live.  I want to check out the rest of the menu, but our trips won't be frequent because of the distance.  Has anyone else been here?
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