Galloping Hill Inn

2011/02/20 14:09:45
So I was in Red Bank, NJ, yesterday; a friend wanted to catch up and have lunch.  So where does she take me?  To The Good Karma Cafe.  A vegan restaurant! 
So rather than stop at The Windmill on the way out of Red Bank I head back up the Parkway and say to myself-it'll take a short detour to get to the Galloping Hill Inn!
Minutes later I'm enjoying a double well done hot dog with fried onions and mustard, with a cold Yuengling.  Boy, did that hit the spot!
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Galloping Hill Inn 2011/02/26 11:36:27
Take that vegan girl!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Galloping Hill Inn 2011/02/26 14:06:51
Hello all ,
GHI has been the starting point of the annual Jersey Hot Dog Tour being held this yr on sept 24th for all 8 yrs. They have been very accomodating to our group and have occasionally surprised us with some extra perks .
When I'm  in the area I always make sure to stop there for a dog , easy on and off from Exit #138 of the GSP
John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Galloping Hill Inn 2011/02/27 07:30:30
The Galloping Hill Inn in the course of a day sells more hot dogs than any place in New Jersey. Of course that doesn't guarantee a good hot dog (the 7-11 chain sells more hot dogs than anyone) but GHI does make a very good dog. I usually get a double because of the big bun.
A popular roadside joint since the 1920's, it has everything from hot dogs to subs to salads. Shrimp, gyros, ice cream, and more. The menu is more like what you would find in a Jersey diner. Indoor and outside seating and inexpensive draft beer. Convenient for me since it's a mile down the street. Years ago before I even heard of it, my girlfriend (now wife) took me here on our first date after watching my softball game. Someone who appreciated softball, good beer and good hot dogs. And me. I knew then she was a keeper.
The New Jersey Hot Dog Tour lost a good friend when Jimmy Thomas passed away in January of 2010. Jimmy was only 42 and owned the Galloping Hill Inn with his father from 1988 until the present. One year he gave every attendee a free hot dog and soda. He was generous and had a good sense of humor. The GHI served German style beef and pork hot dogs since they opened. When Jimmy and his father took over they didn't make any drastic changes, deciding to stay with what worked and made the place popular. They did  take the recipe for the hot dogs and had them made at a bigger meat packer (Grote & Weigel) in part to keep up with the high demand and also since the small butcher shop that supplied them was about to be sold to people from another country which is not known for making hot dogs and sausages. What was funny was that Jimmy preferred spicier all beef dogs and used to drive about a half mile away to Dee's truck to have her dirty water Sabretts. Dee said he was a regular, stopping by 2 or 3 times a week. I even ran into him once there.