Roadfood iPhone App

Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/02/21 20:06:00
I think many of you will be pleased to know that a Roadfood iPhone app is under development right now.  It's too early to give specific release dates, but you can have it in your hands before the Summer.
Should we sell the app or do advertising supported usage?  If we sell, what should a fair price point be?  Thanks in advance, we are new to Apple app-land.
smokestack lightning
Re:Roadfood iPhone App 2011/02/21 20:11:18
Hey Stephen, Great news. That should be a very popular app and should turn many people onto great Roadfood type eating. My suggestion would be to offer it as a free app. People unaware of the website and the Sterns but planning a trip can find the app from the app store and enter the word of Roadfood that way. Of course the app has to be easy and fun and it has to link to interesting places and all...
Big Frank
Re:Roadfood iPhone App 2011/02/21 20:30:19
Great news. I don't mind a little advertising if the app if free.