Jakes Wayback Burgers

Buddy Dek
2011/02/28 20:34:39
This chain  which started in Delaware recently opened a joint  nearby and I had to try it. It was totally empty when my wife and I  visited the other day at 2PM and was somewhat hard to find in Massapequa Park, a busy part of Long Island, on sunrise highway.. The shopping center road sign listed as Wayback in larger letters was very difficult to locate and the word burgers was smaller, so of course I past it while searching the area. It  turned out to be very similar to 5 Guys  Burgers concept but with better food. The burgers were seared  first, as it was a piled on the grill and grilled perfectly with brown edges . It was then smashed flat like Smashburger. The Jake Burger had 2 or 3 patties, I ordered everything  on two which included ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato,  raw onion and pickles.  Our order was delivered to our table on a metal  plate on top of a wax paper liner including golden fresh cut fries and breaded onion rings. Sodas included free refills. I would like to revisit and  recheck  a few more things on the menu and hope that my next visit is as good as this one was. Is anyone else familiar with Jake's? I included the thread including menu and locations below.                                            BUDDY
ann peeples
Re:Jakes Wayback Burgers 2011/02/28 20:54:02
Sounds fantastic.Looks like an east coast venture, too bd for us mid-westerners!
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Jakes Wayback Burgers 2011/02/28 20:56:11
Boy, I'll have a Jake cheeseburger with mustard, mayonnaise, relish, grilled onions and sweet peppers.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Jakes Wayback Burgers 2011/02/28 23:11:02
I wrote about Jake's on here a few years ago when they only had several locations in northern Delaware and hadn't added the "Wayback" to their name. I love the older Jakes locations that I've tried in northern Delaware to the point where I'd put them up there with any fast food style burger that I've had (especially the original location). But the one newer Jake's Wayback Burgers that I tried, in the PA suburbs a little north of Philadelphia, was nowhere near as good as the older Jakes I've been to. The burger was lacking in the strong beef flavor that made me such a big fan of Jakes. It was pretty bland in fact.They also didn't serve my shake in the metal cup it's made in, as they do at the older Jakes. It was still a good shake, but there is something nice about getting it in that metal cup.
I'm not prepared to write off all of the newer Jakes outside of Delaware based on that one experience, but I'm wondering if they'll have consistency problems as they move further and further away from northern Delaware.