Philadelphia Irish Potatoes

Holly Moore
2011/03/01 17:28:15
I think Irish Potatoes are mostly a Philadelphia tradition served around St. Patrick's Day. Basically it is creamed cheese, sugar and coconut formed into balls to resemble potatoes and then rolled in cinnamon.

Most I've tried aren't all that good.  Aunt Angie's homemade version, from the New York Bakery at 11th and Daly in South Philadelphia, are the outstanding exception.  She uses real cream cheese and the finished product must be kept refrigerated.
The NY Bakery is also a worthy stop for tomato pies and stromboli.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Philadelphia Irish Potatoes 2011/03/01 17:33:37
Holly, you know all the weird wonderful stops.  Thanks for sharing.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Filet Mignon
Re:Philadelphia Irish Potatoes 2011/03/01 19:01:40
Is it really always sunny in Philadelphia?  (I know for a fact it does rain in Southern California).
Just wondering.  
As for this food item, it sounds to me that the home-made version could actually be tasty but I suspect commercial versions have lots of fillers, preservatives and unnatural chemicals that would ruin them.  Certainly any version that doesn't need refrigeration would be suspect.
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Re:Philadelphia Irish Potatoes 2011/03/01 19:23:33
The IPC found at bakeries in these parts is usually covered in cocoa not cinnamon.
Re:Philadelphia Irish Potatoes 2011/03/01 19:41:32
Sounds good! Does anyone have a recipe?
Re:Philadelphia Irish Potatoes 2011/03/01 19:52:58
They are sweet. A little Irish spirit for balance.