Smashburger vanilla malts are very good

2011/03/03 21:28:25
I was in Terminal C at Newark International Airport (EWR) and had an Italian hot dog and a vanilla malt. The malted was very good, not too thin and not too thick, nearly perfect. The Italian hot dog was billed as a New Jersey hot dog but it was not a traditional Italian hot dog. It was good for what it was, served on a substantial grilled egg bread hot dog bun with poppy seeds, the Bests hot dog was skinless, split lengthwise and grilled, served with very thinly sliced potatoes that had no crunch, a few slivers of red pepper, some grilled onions, it was tasty. The hot dog itself was colorful with flavor.
I recommend the vanilla malted heartily and the flavorful hot dog with a little mustard might be good with the malt.