Ralph Melton
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/03/05 12:09:08
On the Glee Club trip in Raleigh, I found myself wanting a way to stay in contact with everyone, when folks were in different cars doing different things. I'd like to be able to learn where people are going next, or announce changes in plans.
Yesterday, I learned about GroupMe (, which seems like it might help with this problem. According to their website:
What can I do with it? Set up unique groups to text message or conference call. Each group is given a unique phone number. When you send a text message to a GroupMe number, the message is sent instantly to everyone in the group. When you call it, GroupMe automatically connects all group members on a conference call. Because it’s a unique phone number, you can save it to your contacts and you’ll never forget who you’re talking to.
It doesn't require a smart phone; it says it will work with any phone that can do text messages. They do have smart phone apps that let you avoid paying for texts and let you share your location with other members of the group.
I have no affiliation with GroupMe; I'm not even a user so far. But it seems handy, and I'm willing to try it out. I'll set up a GroupMe group for the New Orleans Roadfood Festival; if you'd like to join it, let me know.