Roadfood Restaurant Goes to Court

2011/03/17 11:02:02
Hotdog versus Hotdog in the Garden State
CLIFTON, N.J. (AP) — One of New Jersey’s hot dog institutions isn’t sparing the sauerkraut when it comes to a competitor five miles away.
Rutt’s Hut in Clifton has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the owners of Mutt’s Hut. Rutt’s, which is known for “ripper dogs” fried in fat until the skin rips, claims Mutt’s it trying to capitalize on the 83-year-old restaurant’s reputation.
Mutt’s changed its name from Adam’s Bagel & Deli in January.
Mutt's says a co-owned had a claim on the name "Adam's" and wanted to use it.  Rutt's, a long-time Roadfood restaurant, says the new name confuses customers. 
Anybody been to "Mutt's?"  Will people still be confused after eating their hot dogs?
Re:Roadfood Restaurant Goes to Court 2011/03/17 12:00:32
Should be easy for both of them to get a "Philadelphia lawyer".
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Re:Roadfood Restaurant Goes to Court 2011/03/17 12:19:07
That's trademark law, isn't it?  Even when it seems petty, I think you're required to vigorously defend your trademark, else you lose it.
Re:Roadfood Restaurant Goes to Court 2011/03/17 12:34:47
Guess he could change it to Rutt’s Bagel & Deli to end the confusion.