Dunedin and Palm Harbour FL

Junior Burger
2011/03/20 17:55:47
Hi All
Not sure if these have been reviewed. Eli's bbq in Dunedin open fri and sat 11-7 great food and good price.  We had chicken and rib sandwiches and both were good.Fresh cooked out back LOVE IT!! Very filling. Also Luck Dill in Palm Harbour for NY style sandwiches..big portions and a great dessert of cheescake. We had the Rueben and philly steak and chicken turkey and ham and loved them all. Much more on the menu but it is busy always!! Highly suggest folks!!Enjoy!
the ancient mariner
Filet Mignon
Re:Dunedin and Palm Harbour FL 2011/03/20 20:08:27
thanks Nino-----will be in Dunedin once the Minor League Baseball season starts---will look for Eli's----------although the 2 hot dogs for the price of one night at the ballpark may dissuade me.