Parkers Hot Dogs of Santa Cruz

Brahma Bob
Junior Burger
2004/02/03 01:07:09
I went in search of a Roadfood worthy hot dog on Sat. Out of 6 places in Sacramento listed as serving hot dogs, only two remain in business. One is open only during lunch hours in downtown. The other is Parkers Hot Dogs of Santa Cruz. Parkers, it turns out, is a family owned business with roots in Oakland. The owner, Robert, says that his mother still has one store open and his brother has another, both in the Oakland area.

Robert, the owner, claimed that the variety of hot dog served was a secret. But after I had finished a plain dog with yellow mustard and began guessing the brand, he came clean with the fact that the dog is a Caspers. Apparently this dog is a special run just for this family dog stand. Darker in color than the Caspers available in the market, this dog is spicier as well. At first I thought it was a Nathan's. Caspers has a natural casing and Nathan's (here in Sac) does not.

I also managed to put away another dog served Kansas City style: sauerkraut & melted Swiss. Parkers serves all their dogs on local, bare, regular hot dog buns. I have to say that I couldn't pick the darn thing up until I was half way through it with a fork and knife. I caught a glimpse of the house special - double chili cheese dog. It's a huge afair whose main attraction is Parkers home-made chili.

Parkers location isn't exactly Roadfood worthy - inside of a Wal-Mart strip mall between a tax place and a sport apparel store. But, I think the rest of the package qualifies.