Georgio's (Milton, WI)

2011/03/23 10:04:53
Last year USA Today had a list of 51 great pizza places and the inclusion of Georgio's in Milton triggered a story in the Madison paper.  Since I live about 30 minutes from there I made a mental note to get there someday, and someday turned out to be last night.
Kathy and I got there about 4:50 and even though 5:00's the published time the "open" light was lit so we walked in and were seated right away.  Georgio's is a small place (all tables, no booths) with a view into the kitchen through the pass-through in the wall and after 5:00 the phone started ringing every few minutes, with some of the calls being carryout orders and others being reservations, which are recommended as business is doing very well since the stories were published.  And since pretty much every customer after us was greeted with, "Do you have reservations?" I think going early on a Tuesday night was a good move.
After looking over the menu we ordered what's become our usual: a largest-you-got thin crust with mushrooms, black olives, half sausage (her), half pepperoni (me).  Georgio's does have a thick crust option but when trying a new place we almost always go thin first, which is Kathy's preference anyway.
Now I'm no pizza expert but I know what I like, and I like Georgio's pizza.  The crust was crisp, the sauce neither bland nor overpowering, too salty or too sweet, the cheese nicely browned, and the meats had the right amount of fat and spice (which as a pepperoni lover I consider important).  The mushrooms were the cooked variety (in-house or canned I can't say) and I know some people consider them to be inferior to fresh, but I've always been fine with either.  I went in there with pretty high expectations and am happy to say that I wasn't at all disappointed, and definitely plan to return with camera in hand.
Our receptionist at work is from Milton and agrees about Georgio's, but she also said that Tony & Maria's in Janesville is almost as good.  Perhaps a theme for Spring/Summer 2011 is taking shape!
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Re:Georgio's (Milton, WI) 2011/03/24 00:08:05
"with camera in hand." That cracked me up. I am beginning to suspect you don't own one.
"Perhaps a theme for Spring/Summer 2011 is taking shape!"
Absolutely!! Pizza rocks my world.
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Apparently Georgio's unexpectedly last December, and so far this is all I've been able to find online: