Rose 32 Bakery/Cafe , Gilbertville (Hardwick) Massachusetts

Filet Mignon
2011/03/23 16:38:21
Often when I try a new place, I don't post because  I have nothing good to say. In this case, I am not a good enough writer to do Rose 32 justice. A Google search will find a Telegram and Gazette story that is well written and factual, in fact when the piece originally apeared in the paper, it caused me to plan today's trip.
Rose32 in the small village of Gilbertville, "between Worcester and Amherst in central MA" is the type of place that many dream of opening, but few pull off.  I'll tell you why this couple is so good at it later.......
This is a scratch, wood fired, bakery first, that happens to serve sandwiches which can be eaten at a couple of large community tables. It looks like they have summer outdoor seating. It is in a converted service station that looks like it was transported from the Napa Valley.
They serve breakfast and lunch. We stopped for lunch. I had a roast beef sandwich with chips. It was served on a smallish bulky type roll, and at $7 seemed a little expensive. It was worth every penny. My wife had salmon on an open faced toasted baguette which was also amazing. We shared a piece of the best chocolate pound cake that I have ever eaten for $2, and then I went back to get a loaf of Polish rye to take home ($4.50). I saw them putting out a baked Italian sandwich, which was about 9 or 10 inches in diameter and cut into quarters. It looked great so I got a piece to share......sublime.
Why so good?? It is a retirement project for a couple who ran the "best par baked commercial bakery in the world". They sold the 250 employee company and wanted something to do. By dumb luck, I sat with a lady and her husband. The lady was in from California to visit her sister, and she had called on the par bakery as part of her sales job, and she told me how good they were. She had stopped in to see how the new place was going. She had cheese cake. She said,"Only I can make it better".
They use the best flour that they can find (often organic), bake fresh every day (only a few kinds can be made on any given day, so the selection always changes), and grow their own peppers and tomatoes in season..............AND I saw them getting a delivery from the famous, all Jersey High Lawn Farm. I didn't know that High Lawn delivered this far east. Maybe these two amazing food operations just wanted to be associated with each other.   update:in checking out the High Lawn website, I noticed that they now sell in the Boston area too.........I should have checked first.....
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