Arbys 3 cheese & bacon w/pics

sk bob
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2011/03/24 21:05:41
finally got to try Arbys 3 cheese & bacon sandwich.
had a coupon for free fries & soda with purchase of the sandwich.
 we also got the 2 fish for $4, a regular RB for $1.99 W/ coupon & a med potato cakes.
 I had the 3 cheese, regular RB, 1/2 fish & the potato cakes. 3rd turn Peg had 1 1/2 fish sandwich, the fries & soda. $13.71 was the total cost.
 the roast beef actually looked like slices of real roast beef not the RB thats on the other sandwichs. Angus? who could tell with all that other crap on it.
 at first it tasted like nothing, but after a while the most I tasted was peppery bacon.
not much RB but more than 2 slices

The fish sandwiches weren't bad, just lettuce and tartar sauce.  This is the picture of my half.

Sorry no picrures of the potato cakes or fries or the regular roast beef.
IMHO their original RB is my favorite with just Arbys sauce
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Re:Arbys 3 cheese & bacon w/pics 2011/03/24 21:18:15
And to think there were cooks/Chefs, whatever, in a test kitchen, guarded from the public, and this is what they came up with.....This just reaffirms why I never went to Arby's, and never will go...........Thanks for the review.............PNWC
Re:Arbys 3 cheese & bacon w/pics 2011/03/24 22:24:22
I'drather step in dog doo, at least it's real
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Re:Arbys 3 cheese & bacon w/pics 2011/03/24 22:37:45
That's not's burnt!  Looks pretty pathetic....
no wonder they are giving it away... I would be embarresed to charge for something that looks like that.
Re:Arbys 3 cheese & bacon w/pics 2011/03/25 19:29:39
That looks thoroughly disgusting.
ann peeples
Re:Arbys 3 cheese & bacon w/pics 2011/03/26 09:58:09
Not good, not good at all.
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Re:Arbys 3 cheese & bacon w/pics 2011/03/28 16:32:22
Okay.  Tried it today.  Husband was taken aback when the sandwich itself added $5 to the order.  I usually just get a junior roast beef.  It was tasty but will not get it again. 
I know this sounds weird but too much beef (I like beef; so to speak, just in a different "venue"  .  The beef was flavorful as were the "cheese" condiments.  Just too much.  I would take a couple jr. roast beefs with cheese sauce any day; for a fraction of the price.
Bottom line: not bad but I would rather pay 6.99 at Red Robin for a chicken sandwich with bottomless fries for a comparable price to the sandwich itself.