New Hotdog vendor in the Panhandle of Florida

Junior Burger
2011/03/29 21:21:00
Wonder if you guys can help. I am new to hotdogs here in Fort Walton Beach and I want to serve either Sabatts, Vienna Beef, or Chicago Red. They also must have caseings for the snap. Has anyone noticed better pricing from either of these choices? I am just not sure who would be a better distubutor as far as price goes. I can buy from Sams club for the festivals. Thanks for any of your feedback. Oh yeah, I love reading about Biker Jim maybe I will get to try one of his exotic dogs one day.
Re:New Hotdog vendor in the Panhandle of Florida 2011/03/30 19:25:22
Can't answer you on pricing, but here in South Florida, most carts around here use Sabretts. And don't forget to have the red onion sauce on board...
But then if you're going to sell Chicago Style Dogs, you should definitely go with Vienna Beef and their support products (dogs, buns, neon relish, etc).
Best of luck there!