Our Retro Road Trip from Philadelphia to Austin, TX

2011/03/29 21:28:03
I want to thank everyone on Roadfood who made suggestions regarding where we could eat on our almost 2 week road trip from Philadelphia to Austin TX and back - we had a great time and sampled some delicious local fare! Coming back home has been a bit of a letdown, but now I'm able to relive some of it since I'm writing about our adventures for my website (RetroRoadmap.com). I will post our stops in chronological order, in case someone is following the same path we took. And away we go!
We made our first stop at Boehringer's Ice Cream in Adamstown, PA as it was their opening day of their 75th season. This is a roadside stand just north of the Adamstown antique district and only a few minutes off of the PA Turnpike, famous for their ice cream as well as their sandwiches, burgers and dogs.
A well kept counter-service only establishment, you step up to the counter to order, then step back until they call you to pay. I had been deliberating the entire drive there whether I should get real food or ice cream, but the weather took a turn for the freezing so I decided to order something hot.
I ordered a cheeseburger with everything - which included onion and relish, and RetroRoadhusband got a cheeseburger hoagie/sub, which had lettuce and tomato and was served on a long roll. We shared some fries, but I could not resist getting some Zerbe's potato chips - locally made tasty chips, PA is great for these tiny brands. It still being very chilly out, we ate in the car, but had it been warmer we would've sat at one of the picnic tables placed alongside the brook that runs out back of the restaurant.
(I just tried to post a photo of what we ordered but I guess I don't have permission just yet to do that. If you would like to see our food just go to RetroRoadmap dot com and search for Boehringer's)
Our burgers were tasty, the fries hot and crisp and I saved the chips for later in the journey as a backup snack.
Boehringer’s Drive-In
3160 N Reading Rd
Adamstown, PA 19501
(717) 484-4227‎
Re:Our Retro Road Trip from Philadelphia to Austin, TX 2011/03/30 20:50:43
Boehringers is a nice place to stop. Good quality hot food and made on premises ice cream. The place is always packed when the weather is nice.
Re:Our Retro Road Trip from Philadelphia to Austin, TX 2012/03/15 22:18:24
I realize it's a year ago since I created this thread and the thread requesting information about places for us to stop and eat along the way on our trip to Austin TX from PA and back, and I never made good on my promise to update everyone on the places we went! I had a hard enough time corralling all of that information on my website RetroRoadmap.com, and had hoped to link to some of those posts and photos to prevent having to create brand new content, but I couldn't do that, so I got discouraged.
I did however want to return to Roadfood to thank everyone who made suggestions on where to eat- we had some delish meals practically everywhere we went! I know this isn't what I had hoped to provide, but here's at least a list of most of of the places and stuff we ate when we were on this journey (after Boehringer's):
  • Texas Tavern - Roanoke VA - Late Night Cheesies and Bowls
  • Tony's Ice Cream - Gastonia NC - Got breakfast sandwiches but should've got ice cream too!
  • Blenheim Ginger Ale and Peach Cider in South Carolina
  • Mary Mac's Tea Room - Atlanta GA - Fried Chicken and Biscuits
  • The Silver Skillet - Atlanta GA - Country Ham & The Best Biscuits Ever!
  • Goal Post BBQ - Anniston AL - BBQ and Delish Lemon Ice Box Pie - I still crave it!
  • La Place Frostop - La Place LA - Burgers and Iced Root Beer in Glass Mugs - nom!
  • Kolaches on the road in Texas - who knew?
  • Hut's Hamburgers - Austin TX  - hamburgers, of course!
  • Whataburger - Austin TX  - More burgers but worth it
  • Arcade Restaurant - Memphis TN - Breakfast
  • Central BBQ - Memphis TN - then drove all the way to Nashville - yikes!
  • Northgate Soda Shop - Greenville SC - Best Pimento Cheeseburger ever
  • Theo's Drive In - Grand Prairie TX - More Burgers but So Good!
  • Tasty Dip - Heflin AL - A sweet treat for leaving the interstate!
  • Mayflower Cafe - Jackson MS - Delish Fish & Kumbak Dressing
  • The Dot Coffee Shop - Houston TX - TX sized portions
  • Gus' Fried Chicken - Memphis TN - we drove 11 hours to eat here - worth it!
  • Cincinnati 5 Way- in Cincy!
  • Hot Brown Sandwich at the Brown Hotel Louisville, KY
  • Aglamesis Brothers  - Cincinnati OH - Wonderful Vintage Ice Cream Parlor
  • Gigantic Sandwich at Primanti Brothers - Pittsburgh PA
  • Not Retro Roadmap worthy but the best Tex Mex ever at Polvo's Austin, TX
If you're interested in learning more about any of these places - please let me know! I'd be glad to elaborate! And I really want to get back into the habit of posting my Retro Roadmap worthy food places here too, since I've been helped so much by the folks and the information here.