Rasika in Washington, D.C.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/03/31 15:24:22
I may have posted about this place a couple of years ago, so forgive me if you've already heard me praise Rasika. I went back this week when I was in town and it's still fantastic. Probably the best Indian food I've ever had. The sauces have flavors I haven't tasted anywhere else. Their crunchy spinach is a must have. Their tandoori is excellent. Highly, highly recommended (but it's not roadfood - a meal for 3 cost us $89 with tip, and we had to go at lunch because they had no tables the previous night - call ahead!)
Re:Rasika in Washington, D.C. 2011/04/06 00:50:43
This is an interesting review that claims Rasika sells its Kashmiri, Goan & Makhani simmer sauces for $6/jar.
Anyway, at roughly $25/person w/o tip, a la carte at D.C.'s best Indian, most people would consider the rates quite reasonable for the city.