Junior Burger
2011/04/07 13:14:15
To All,
I collect old recipes and have loads of books and recipe boxes that i've bought, people have given to me, or did on my own when I used to cook/bake alot. The recipes I try mostly to go after now are those from defunct or closed restaurants, drive-ins, diners, luncheonettes, cafeterias, or any place where someone worked as the chef or cook and actually made the recipe (or put it together). So many people worked as the waitress or busboy and might have seen a recipe put together and some get most of the ingredients right, but unless you were the one that made it day in-day out, alot of times a key ingredient isn't listed. Now I'm not talking high quality gourmet foods, I'm talking about tasty, somewhat easy to assemble recipes that regular family and chain places that were all over the country from the 30's to the 90's.  I'm aware of the copycat sites, restaurant sites, and especially UNCLE PHAEDRUS site, but I find that places such as ROADFOOD and googling on a specific eatery in a specific town usually gets a family member or old worker that remembers the recipes. I thought I would try ROADFOOD first to see how many worked for a food place and REMEMBERS WHAT WAS IN AND HOW TO MAKE the recipe(s) of the place.  Hope I worded my request OK, I've only recently started posting (but have been reading here quite a while (GRIN)....
Thanks to all in advance,
SeeTheUSA - Mark in NJ