Sunday Grilling

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/04/11 06:54:22
While I never stop grilling during the year, I enjoy grilling at 60 degrees much more than 28 degrees! Here's what I did yesterday.
Some really beautiful Lamb shoulder chops.

Assorted sausages.

I served it with baked potatoes and oven roasted asparagus.

Very few leftovers!
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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Sunday Grilling 2011/04/11 09:20:27
I love lamb. I have eaten so many shoulder chops that due to the sinew and cartilage,  I do not buy them unless they are on sale.  Somrtimes I think that I would be happier if I used shoulder chops for braising.
  I search out the leg steaks, which is the tender leg meat. Sadly though, both styles demonstrate the the state of butchery as many cuts of meat nowadays seem like they went through the bread slicer.
  I have been encouraged by recent discoveries of both lamb, along with veal, making inroads at my HEB and being sold in vacuum sealed packaging.  I recently had some lamb ribs that were excellent. There is ground lamb too.
Whenever I have lamb, I use it as a reason to go walk around the neighborhood to find some fresh rosemary. I wish someone was growing mint too....
Re:Sunday Grilling 2011/04/11 10:14:25
Those sausages look really interesting!  I've seen Aidell's products sporadically around here so I'll have to watch for them.  How would you describe their taste?
Re:Sunday Grilling 2011/04/11 11:43:46
That looks fantastic, great Sunday fare!
Costco sells many Aidells sausages, all chicken based.
Re:Sunday Grilling 2011/04/11 14:34:05
agnesrob, If you had a restaurant, I would eat there once a week!
Filet Mignon
Re:Sunday Grilling 2011/04/11 19:41:21
Looks great, agnesrob. Wish you were on the Left Coast so I could come over for dinner!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Sunday Grilling 2011/04/11 20:05:30
Try the mango & jalapeno...Pretty good stuff.
ann peeples
Re:Sunday Grilling 2011/04/11 21:01:55
As always your grilling/cooking choices and skills are outstanding!
Re:Sunday Grilling 2011/04/11 21:23:25
You're the grill master!!!!
Filet Mignon
Re:Sunday Grilling 2011/04/11 21:34:57
Nice job, good food comes for the heart, it shows............
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Sunday Grilling 2011/04/12 07:18:57
Thanks for the compliments all! I really do enjoy cooking and grilling.
The portabella sausages I've had before. Thay are chicken based and you can really taste the mushrooms in them. One of the Karl Ehmer Pork Stores by me carries a nice variety of sausages and wurst made by other local businesses, hence the Kochers ring bologna and the venison sausage. When I picked up the venison sausage the price sticker covered the fact that they were made with blueberries and Merlot. I kept that info to myself. My family will try any kind of game meat but I didn't know how pronounced the blueberry taste would be.  They were delicious!
As for the lamb shoulder chops, my family loves having a bit of chew to their meat. They are also very tasty and yes, on sale.