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Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/04/11 12:47:40
I was back at Mr. Beef on Orleans last weekend for the first time in several years. I went with some trepidation, as I'd heard from some very knowledgable people that the place had gone downhill recently.
I'm happy to report that they were wrong. As someone who's been a Mr. Beef customer for 30-odd years, the sandwich absolutely met my expectations. In fact, it tasted as good as ever. Plus it seemed more thickly packed with beef than in the past. In other words, I was almost too full after finishing my sandwich to poach some extra from my younger son, who didn't finish his - I said almost too full :)
The taste of the beef was good, the roll still stood up to sauce but got just the right amount of juicyness and the fries were everything I remembered. It was fun to take my boys there for the first time (they're 11 and 7 and loved it). For what it's worth, my older son had recently been to Al's with my parents and he said Mr. Beef was better.
We'll be back.
Lost Nation
Re:Back to Mr. Beef 2011/04/20 05:37:47
I saw a show about Mr. Beef on  The Food Channel, I would love to go there. I'm jealous.
Re:Back to Mr. Beef 2011/04/21 04:08:57
On Food Network a little while back they had a "Beef Off' between Al's Beef and Mr. Beef to see who had the best but I forget who won.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Back to Mr. Beef 2011/04/21 18:04:34
I think Mr. Beef won the Food Network show.