Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant Cream Ridge, NJ (Up the street from, Six Flags )

Junior Burger
2011/04/19 22:01:42
The first time, that I went to Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant, was the spring of 2009. The place, is up the street from Six Flags Great Adventure. In 2008, Myself, fiancee and friends went to the hayride by the place, it's actually a small strip mall. BAR AND GRILL, PIZZA, ITALIAN ICE, MEXICAN RESTAURANT, and CHICKEN HOLIDAY. We took a vote, to eat at Chicken Holiday, and for several months, I was dying to eat at the mexican restaurant.
When I first ate there, their salsa is very thin, and their tacos are . Now, when I go there, I buy salsa from WAWA, to bring it there so I don't have to eat their salsa.

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