Deep Fried Candy Bars

Hot Dog Empire
2011/04/23 17:23:48
My daughter (14) found and is demanding that I add it to the menu. I explained to her about the small market, extra setup, stock etc. So then, it switched over to me making them at home.........
Anyone ever try these? I try to keep most of the unhealthy stuff out of the kitchen but, now the wife wants to try them too!
Filet Mignon
Re:Deep Fried Candy Bars 2011/04/23 18:16:44
I am surprised your wife is interested.  A deep fried candy bar (depending on its size and ingredients/brand) has 445 to 932 calories and 29 to 44 grams of fat!
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Hot Dog Empire
Re:Deep Fried Candy Bars 2011/04/23 18:24:07
The wife is far more health conscious then I am but she's also got a weakness for anything gooey!  That weakness is compounded with an item that doesn't involve her making it
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Re:Deep Fried Candy Bars 2011/05/12 19:35:25
I tried one at a state fair, and it was more goopy than gooey, it was humid out so the coating got soggy quick and at that point it was just gross, not to mention all the sugar was just overwhelming. 
IMO there is a reason you find these at the fair - because people are trying something new/different/fun, I doubt many would make a steady diet of it.