Charleston Soulfood Cafes, May Saveur Magazine

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/04/23 18:54:20
Jane's and Michael's article in the May issue of Saveur is wonderful! All about Charleston soul food. There isn't a link on the Saveur website yet, it's too soon. I recommend buying the issue. The Stern's pieces in Saveur are a perfect fit for the magazine.
Filet Mignon
Re:Charleston Soulfood Cafes, May Saveur Magazine 2011/04/23 19:08:26
I agree. I just read the piece on rye bread in the sandwich issue and it was great. I was happy to see that I've had rye from two of the places they mentioned, Langer's (best pastrami on the West Coast IMHO) and Bea's Bakery, where I used to go weekly when I lived 4 blocks away in Encino. Technically, it's one place----as the Sterns pointed out, Langer's buys the loaves from Bea's and bakes them at the deli. I'll have to check the mail for the new issue. As I have for many years, I've enjoyed the Stern's articles of places I could visit and places that I couldn't-----but after reading the articles, I could always vicariously taste what they talked about. I love soul food, so I'm ready to see what Charleston has. I'm sure it's great.