Easter in Hunstville, Al

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2011/04/24 22:23:21
So Mrs. Sippi and I have made our triumphant return to the Rocket City for Easter and a visit with her family. Just thought I'd give you a little snippet of some of the great meals we had in and around the town.
Friday we had to head up to Jack Daniels and we stopped in at Chuckwagon Cafe in Fayetteville, Tn. This is a great place that consists of 2 single wides put together to make the restaurant.

They do typical comfort food but also serve award winning BBQ T,F,S. So I just had to try the Q. Chicken and ribs (not shown) with tater salad and beans.

The Q was some of the best I've ever had. Very simply seasoned it's really all about the meat and the smoke. The beans were great but the salad was awesome.
That night we did a joint Birthday dinner for me and my BIL at Rosie's Cantina.

My "Mexican Flag" enchiladas were surprisingly excellent. I've been to Little Rosie's and while I find the food to be good, I just don't love it. This however was much better.

Saturday we tried a new place just up the street from the in-laws. Taters n Dawgs is just that and burgers as well. I was really hoping it'd be great and I was still impressed. Excellent dogs and house cut fries. They do a version of poutine they call a tater melt.

The burger however was incredible. My favourite style, the classic American was executed to perfection. Best burger I've had in the area.

Wanting to watch hockey and in the mood for beer and wings we hit Beauregards and I added another chapter in my Huntsville's 20 Most distinctive dishes.

The hot wings are great. A little on the small side for a true Buffalo wing but the sauce is spot on.
Sunday we had lunch at my SIL's and dinner at Dreamland. I've posted pictures before so won't bore you with more. Sufficed to say, it was once again great.
Anyway, that's my little odessy for now. I'll follow up with a full review of TnD
Hope you enjoyed
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Re:Easter in Hunstville, Al 2011/04/24 22:27:35
Here's some more pictures and a full review of Chuck Wagon.
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Re:Easter in Hunstville, Al 2011/04/25 01:55:15
Looks like a great trip!
Re:Easter in Hunstville, Al 2011/04/25 04:14:33
Nice report & pictures. Back in the Early 80's we traveled from Nashville to Huntsville for Weekend Swim Meets but I don't have any memories of places like these. Guess I missed a lot!
However, have been to Jack Daniels and eaten at Miss Bobo's Boarding House.
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Re:Easter in Hunstville, Al 2011/06/24 15:00:24
Hey gang.
Here's my report on Taters n' Dawgs.
If you're in the area this is seriously a great place. Great people too.
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Re:Easter in Hunstville, Al 2011/06/24 18:04:06
Where can you get Delta style tamales around Huntsville.  Does Rosie's have that style tamale.  Thanks.
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Re:Easter in Hunstville, Al 2011/06/24 18:39:43
I'm not sure. There was one place on 72E, east of town but it's now under a new name. Not sure if it's the same owner.
There is a place in Corinth that's on the Ms. Delta Tamale Trail and that's probably 2 hours away. Most likely gonna hit it this summer.
"Dilworth's Tamales, one of the defining businesses in the Black community, opened its current location in 1962. While tourists are always welcome to choose between mild or spicy tamales, it is also a favorite of local lovers of the concoction of beef and secret spices. Dilworth's has been featured in Southern Living magazine."
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Re:Easter in Hunstville, Al 2011/06/27 18:06:48
Davwud - I agree with you about Little Rosie's - I still haven't found anything on the menu that I am crazy about. Alot of my friends like Phil Sandoval's Mexican Restaurant -  he used to work at Rosie's and opened his own restaurant. I have at there twice and again it's not my favorite. To be honest with you even though there are many, many, Mexican restaurants in H'ville, I still haven't found one that I absolutely love their food. Phil Sandoval's is in the same locations as my fav. German restaurant though; Ol' Heidelberg. I love their schnitzel and if someone is not a schnitzel lover than their pecan crusted chicken is delicious. I love their slaw (a sweet and sour mix) and I always order their pan fried potatoes. Ol' Heidelberg has been in Huntsville since I was a teen (many moons ago) and I have been going there since.
I am going to Tunica over the 4th of July weekend and plan on eating at the Blue & White - have you ate there? I am also considering eating at the Catfish Warehouse too.
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Re:Easter in Hunstville, Al 2011/06/27 20:48:37
I've been to Tunica but never eaten anywhere over that way. Check out the link to the tamale trail (above) and maybe try one of those there if you're not sold on something.
The best Mexican I've found down yonder was at a little dump in Meridianville named El Camino Real. It's gone now and I miss it.
I'm intriqued by the taco truck I tried and want to both try more plus they own a restaurant.
If anyone else reads this, I want to be clear. Little Rosie's is (as John Daily would say) "Fine."
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Re:Easter in Hunstville, Al 2011/07/27 12:28:14

Where can you get Delta style tamales around Huntsville.  Does Rosie's have that style tamale.  Thanks.

Okay, I just talked to the new owners at the place out on 72 and no, they don't have delta tamales anymore.
What they do have is what he called and "Old fashioned BBQ tamale". It's smoked pork or chicken with cornmeal not masa and done in a paper wrapper in broth. While they sound really good he told me they're absolutely not the same.