Kernel Popcorn's Factory - Wisc. Dells, WI

Junior Burger
2011/04/27 19:28:36
My husband and I are headed out on a road trip (Minneapolis area to Cleveland area) next week and I am SO EXCITED that I found the website for the popcorn place we loved so much last time we went through Wisconsin Dells - just search  Kernel Popcorn's Factory. It's good to know the place is still in business! Hopefully the new store is in a better location than the old one. It's kind of amazing we ever found it hiding in that strip mall, way back when.
I think my favorite was a mixture of the apple and cinnamon. All of the fruit flavors were pretty amazing, though I don't tend to eat grape-flavor. It's just a personal thing, heh.
Has anyone else tried it? Did you love it, too? 
I'd never had anything like it before and I've been dreaming about it ever since. Plus, business names that include a pun are always better, am I right? 
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