Chinese honey-fried potatoes

Kristi S.
Double Cheeseburger
2004/02/05 13:12:12
Ok, I just came back from a Chinese buffet (all you can eat for $4.49) and they had to practically carry me out on a stretcher. My South Beach Diet just went, well, south.

Anyway, on the buffet were these Honey potatoes. They were potato slices in a sort of tempura-like batter, coated with a honey glaze and sesame seeds. I have never seen them before (let alone seen potatoes on a Chinese menu!), but they were pretty tasty. More of a dessert item than a side.

Anyone have a recipe for them, or know if they are a regional Chinese item?
Junior Burger
RE: Chinese honey-fried potatoes 2004/02/11 09:35:42
I have seen something like this in szecuan places, but with chili and honey,