2011/05/09 20:38:41
l keep trying new places that spring up in SE Pittsburgh.
Last one didn't cut it. I noticed it was made in those good ovens and not stupid conveyer belt. I also noticed the bottom looked like it was made in a conveyer belt. Pre made shell??
Too dry and lifeless, not enough sauce, too much cheese.

I did find a great place, and it's a restaurant. interchange Lounge in Jefferson.
Yes there is Vincent't, and there is Mineo's, and all unique but good.

Re:Pittsburgh 2011/05/09 20:46:20
Oh I forgot, Michaels pizza bar, South Side.

Re:Pittsburgh 2011/05/10 13:20:33
I have a few, but they're kind of far from Finleyville.
DeMino's on Brookline Blvd. Their sausage is hot and very finely crumbled, and they load up the toppings. They have round and square, but the square is much better. Very good hoagies too. He has odd hours, something like 3pm until he runs out of dough. He was in Overbrook when I lived there, probably ordered 3 times a week.
Pizza Shack on 51 in Brentwood. Square pizza, sweet sauce, has been open for 30 some years. Odd hours too. I think he's only open 20 hrs a week.
Dicarlo's on 51 in Overbrook (I like DeMino's much better).
Danny's on 88 in Bethel is a bit closer, and they're really good. Excellent hoagies.
Luciano's in White Oak is supposed to be good, but I've never been there.
Sorry I couldn't get you farther south.
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Re:Pittsburgh 2011/05/10 13:39:24
I am a fan of Beto's Pizza on Banksville Road.  This is one of those places that they don't put the toppings on it until after it comes out of the oven.  Sounds strange having cold toppings, but it really works.
Re:Pittsburgh 2011/05/10 14:23:35
Although I haven't lived in Pittsburgh since 2000
was always my favorite (next to Mineo's)
Re:Pittsburgh 2011/05/10 22:10:33
I have eaten at Lucianos, and it pretty good.

I think I ate at Betos in South Park long ago, but I used to talk to Beto when he had a shop in Pleasant Hills where I used to live. They sold these pizza square singles. They were OK but my idea of great pizza. I talked to him about dough, but never got any recipes.

I have eaten some good pizza through the land. Once in NY ate at a great place. You go up in the restaurant and select infredients, and they take them out whole and cut them up.
Ingot eggplant, now that's real Italian, tomato slices, and maybe onions.

My idea of a great pizza. Got to snap somewhere in the slice, small black specs on bottom, browner crust, enough sauce, and when you hold it sideways, everything starts to fall off. Stringy mozarrela is alsongood. It also when fresh does not bend when you pick it up.
I have yet to eat a great pizza made in a conveyor oven.

Re:Pittsburgh 2011/05/11 18:56:46
I frequently said, you need to partially cook the dough before toppiings are put on, but I would shove it back in.

I don't know how Shakeys pizza parlor did it, but they had the crispy pizza down pat.

At one time Shakeys had something like 300 shops and might have been the most popular chain at one time, before ownership went overseas.

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Re:Pittsburgh 2011/05/12 10:11:46
Back in the late '60s and early '70s, Danny's and Beto's were right next to each other on Rt 88 in South Park. It was generraly agreed that Danny's had the best hoagies, and Beto's had the best pizza. So we'd play penny poker until about 10PM, then hop in Joe Curlee's '63 Valiant and go to Beto's and order pizza, and then to Danny's for the hoagies. There was a drive in theater behind the restaurants, so we'd sit on the car in the parking lot and watch the screen without sound. Ah, youth.
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Re:Pittsburgh 2011/05/12 13:48:07
I like Luciano's very much, but it can get noisy in there.
It won't have the 'snap' you want, but I also like Vincent's (the one on Ardmore on the way to Wilkensburg. not the one on Rt 30 in Irwin). 
Re:Pittsburgh 2011/05/12 14:08:51
South park back in time!!!
I don't remember who was best, I just followed the crowd.

Re:Pittsburgh 2011/06/05 09:18:28

I frequently said, you need to partially cook the dough before toppiings are put on, but I would shove it back in.


That is the "style" of the old pizza stands of the 1950's that would sell you a square slice w/pepperoni for a dime (and laugh all the way to the bank).  The one of these I remember from my youth was on 19 near Donaldson's Crossroads.
They would pre-bake to "al dente" a cookie sheet of dough and sauce, add the toppings to order to individual squares, and "finish them" for a minute or two in the oven.  FANTASTIC!  Finding such a place these days would really be a "quest" but they still do exist.  My favorte of these is Mario's on Wilson Bv. @ 10th. in Arlington, VA, my home for 30+ years after I left my beloved Pittsburgh.

Now that's Roadfood!  The only thing is that this style of pizza must be eaten immediately on-site.  It does not travel well for delivery.  Reading the reviews of Mario's on Yelp, Urban Spoon, etc. you can guess who sat down at the picnic tables and who had delivery!  So, the next time you find yourself near Washington, DC ...
I'm sure that some of the Roadfood Pittsburghers like BuffetBuster will tell you if such still exist around the Burgh.
BTW:  the prettiest girl I knew growing up was from Finleyville.  I think she still lives on Roy St.