Snack Bar Favorites

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/05/10 11:49:10
At our next Txoko supper club we're doing a tribute to the American snack bar.
Looking for your all time, quintessential snack bar favorites.
Corn dogs, frito pies, popcorn....what are the most essential dishes that form the American snack bar pantheon?
Re:Snack Bar Favorites 2011/05/10 11:57:31
Oh!  I thought you were talking about those cardboard tasting snack bars made out of sawdust.
In my school years I used to like those frozen burritos that they dropped in to the deep fryer.  Haven't seen those in years.
Now?  Don't think I've been to a snack bar since those burrito days.  Guess I'd pick popcorn.
Junior Burger
Re:Snack Bar Favorites 2011/05/10 12:13:26
I think nachos (typically with the fake liquified nacho "cheez"), cheese fries (with the same "cheez" as the nachos, or onion rings are snack bar mainstays. Hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream novelties, also. A lot of snack bars I've seen have had some low quality "frozen" style pizza.  If you're in new england, you'll have some fried seafood on the menu of every snack bar. If you're in the south, I imagine most snack bars have some form of bbq.  
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Snack Bar Favorites 2011/05/11 16:43:26
Seems like every snack bar had a jar full of large pickles, though I couldn't tell you if they were sour or dill, as I ddn't eat 'em.
Then there were the the large, glass cannister style jars full of penny candy sized treats, but Tom's peanut butter bars are the only ones I can think of.  Lance makes them now.