Fried Chicken - Richmond? (Takeout-able , also dine in)

2011/05/11 16:50:01
OK, all these years and really not found THE place for fried chicken in Richmond.
Lees is a chain and I have had hit or miss chicken from there.
Golden Skillet?  Not tried it myself, any good; can you get it to go?
Anyone been to Chicken Box or Krispies? There was another one in the east end I may be missing.
I seem to recall Kings BBQ down in Petersburg had good chicken but that is a big haul from my neck of the woods, heck its closer for me to go to Charlottesville. 
Re:Fried Chicken - Richmond? (Takeout-able , also dine in) 2011/05/11 18:43:14
I had two "go to" places in Richmond.
Unfortunately both are gone
Freckle's- which we've talked about previously
Dabney's- an African American Supper club- near the bus station- both places had spoon bread on the menu too- I remember being impressed with Dabney's Green Beans too
I was also very impressed with Mama Mary's Sugar and Spice  on my visit last year- I think you should give them a try
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Fried Chicken - Richmond? (Takeout-able , also dine in) 2011/05/11 19:13:19
Three things:
(1)  I swear to God, you could bring up the issue of stream monitoring in Richmond and wanderingjew would still bring up his beloved albeit gone Freckles restaurant. Let it go.
(2)  Looking for decent fried chicken in Richmond only reminds the city's denizens what they lost when the local grocery chain Ukrops (which had very good fried chicken a la Publix) checked out.
(3)  Lastly and as touted here, and if you get desperate for fried chicken in the former capital of the Confederacy, Black Sheep (901 West Marshall Street) serves up a fried chicken livers sandwich on a toasted baguette. Seriously and I'm just sayin'.